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Digital Electronics Demo Test Series-1

Q:   ADC conversion involves ____.

  • A:  Quantization
  • B:  Simulation
  • C:  Summation
  • D:  Subtraction

Q:   A system that converts a digital signal into an analog signal is called

  • A:  ADC
  • B:  DAC
  • C:  AAC
  • D:  DDC

Q:   Collector current is approximately zero in

  • A:  Cutoff region
  • B:  Linear region
  • C:  Saturation region
  • D:  Breakdown region

Q:   αdc value ranges from

  • A:  0.90 to 1.99
  • B:  0.05 to 0.99
  • C:  0.95 to 0.99
  • D:  0.00 to 1.00

Q:   Pn junction joining base region and emitter region is called

  • A:  Base-emitter junction
  • B:  Base-collector junction
  • C:  Emitter-collector junction
  • D:  Emitter-body junction

Q:   An amplifier is a circuit that can give a power gain

  • A:  Less than 1
  • B:  Zero
  • C:  Greater than 1
  • D:  Infinite

Q:   Ramp ADC uses a binary counter and digital-to-analog converter to generate a

  • A:  Ramp equation
  • B:  Ramp test waveform
  • C:  Ramp input
  • D:  Ramp output

Q:   Individual segments in seven segment display are coded___.

  • A:  Randomly
  • B:  Clockwise
  • C:  Anti Clockwise
  • D:  7 to 0

Q:   Very small amount of random noise, which is added to input before conversion is called

  • A:  Dither
  • B:  Ditcher
  • C:  Dilter
  • D:  Silter

Q:   Converter which converts analog signal to digital one is known as ____.

  • A:  ADC
  • B:  DAC
  • C:  AAC
  • D:  DDC

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