Chandramohan Chauhan

Hello, my name is Chandramohan Chauhan, and I am the Founder and CEO of QuestionPapersHub(QPH) – An Educational Platform for Study Resources and Information. My pals refer to me as “CM” for short.

I’m a Data Science fanatic, a WordPress Web Developer, a Blogger, a Digital Marketer, and a part-time trader. I enjoy coding, blogging, creating content, learning, and coming up with new ways to improve myself.


Chandramohan Chauhan

My ambition is to become a market leader and a brand under the age of 28 by discovering and changing the industry in which I will work.

As an engineer, I (along with our co-founders) have experienced a variety of challenges throughout our engineering careers, including academics and exposure. We never had time to study about passion and skill development during our engineering since it was simply a term in good books.

We spent the majority of our time on academics, assignments, tests, journals, etc. It was like competing in a horse race to earn a good score without getting KTs to get those minimum pointers required for job interviews.

Many people couldn’t do it because of the financial burden, a lack of awareness of what’s going on in the sector, a lack of sufficient access to resources, a lack of mentors, no one to lead us and tell us what lies ahead after four years of engineering, and many other reasons. All because we lacked a reliable source of knowledge and counsel.

As a result, my team and I created this website, which is completely free and provides regular industry (Jobs, Internships, Scholarships) updates, as well as access to all academic materials on the platform and our QPH groups.

We hold weekly and monthly seminars and workshops on personality development, keep students up to date on current industry trends and also have recently launched a dedicated internship-mentorship program, where we teach and guide students on how to earn passive income while also sharing the experiences of the industry experts we meet, among other things, all for free.

Our goal is for our juniors to enjoy themselves and be inspired to pursue their passions. Reduce their academic burden and encourage them to pursue their passions, whether or not they are relevant to their field.

“Every Great Dream Begins With A Dreamer,” after all!

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