Entrepreneurship: Why is this knowledge a necessity for College Students in India?

Entrepreneurship: It's Importance for College Students in India

Entrepreneurship: Even this perplexing sixteen-letter word is insufficient to justify the contribution of an entrepreneur to the world. From every tiny little product to complex services, entrepreneurship is the channel that makes it all accessible. Entrepreneurship ensures the self-sustainability of an economy thereby generating employment opportunities.

Best 15 Inspiring Movies For Entrepreneur – Must Watch

Best Movies for Entrepreneur

Have you ever watched a movie and got really motivated? Entrepreneurs, like most people, need to maintain their inspiration to continue on their business journey. Which can be a result due to setbacks or hurdles. So, for people like you, here we have listed the “Best 15 Movies That Every Entrepreneur Must Watch”, that will not only motivate but inspire you too.

20 Most Innovative Startups in India in 2020

Every person who jumps on the entrepreneurship boat wants to be at the top level. Today here we are going to tell you about those Indian startups which are not just successful but innovative as well. We have listed down the “20 Most Innovative Startups in India”.

10 Smart Startup Ideas You Can Start In College

10 Smart Startup Ideas

Building up your own startup business and working for yourself is an effective way to earn some extra cash at home in this lock-down without being tied down to mundane work – but finding that unique idea for your next big thing can be really tricky! Here we will be listing 10 Smart Startup Business Ideas You Can Start In College.