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So here is a small story of why did we made such a website:


As from the above quote stated, during our engineering journey which went not so good, due to the unavailability of any study materials, we had to go through various books to get a grasp of problems, solutions as well as knowledge of all the concepts. Dozens of books were there but time was less, many of them were not so good but some did help us.

We completed our engineering with flying colours, but thought what if we had all the stuff with us, engineering would have been soo simple, right?

We could have gained more practical knowledge, and could do some progressive works too!!… But since at that time finding any motivational articles to boost up our confidence, getting important university news, were all available at different sources, which were many times skipped during the process of searching.

So what we did is, we thought about creating a platform for people like us, who needed everything at a single platform.

Hence we came up with this idea of creating something which would include QuestionPapers, Solutions, News, Projects, Articles, Job Alerts, Scholarship Alerts, Internship Alerts, Competetive Examination, Quizzes and many more are to come. This is solely made for YOU guys, who want to have a tension-free and innovative engineering career.

Well this is everything.😊

Keep using our platform, as everyone knows, no one is perfect in this world, so do suggest us for any improvements or any new additions.

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