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GATE is an exam that tests your understanding of a particular subject in science and engineering. A simple trick to crack GATE ECE is by understanding all the subject’s concepts, by preparing GATE ECE Notes.

If you are thorough with your concepts, and with sufficient practice, cracking GATE ECE will become a piece of cake.

Which is why I told you, it’s not that hard how it actually looks. Anyone Can Crack GATE ECE. And, Yes Anyone !!!

But the main question that comes to mind is –

How to be thorough with the concept?
Which Book should I choose?
What should be my study pattern?
Which Subject should I study first?

The answers to all the above questions are simple,

  • Firstly, you need a Good GATE ECE Book
  • Secondly, some Good GATE ECE Notes

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Since we have already solved the 1st issue, below we have also solved the 2nd issue.

We have added some GATE ECE Notes, subject-wise, which will surely help you in your GATE preparation for your GATE ECE Exam.

GATE ECE NotesHandwritten

Analog Electronics

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Communication System

📚 Recommended: Crack Gate in 75 Days – Electronics and Communication Engineering 

Control System

Digital Electronics

Electromagnetic Theory

📚 Best Seller: The Theory of Everything by Stephen Hawking

Electronic Devices & Circuits


📚 Best Seller: Aptitude & Reasoning for GATE 2021 – Practice Questions + Previous Year Solved GATE Question Papers

Network Theory

Signal & Systems

GATE ECE Materials added above are for information purposes only, and are completely free. If you find these materials useful and want to join these coaching institutes whose study material we have provided, you can check their official site for more guidance related to GATE / IES Course.

Some Tips from the Author for GATE

  1. Set Your Goal
    • Think What you want ? – A Job or Future Study? & accordingly, start your study.
  2. Always Do Smart Work
    • ( Look out for Previous Year QPs, What concepts were asked? What type Of questions? )
    • And Yes, previous year questions are never repeated in your GATE Paper, BUT, concepts always repeats.
    • Focus on your concepts.
  3. Never Prepare for GATE as a Secondary Option
    • Try to focus on one thing only, I mean whatever you want to do, if its something else you are interested in, THEN, do that thing.
    • (In Short, Do What You Love, Follow Your Passion).
  4. Watch videos of previous year toppers
    • Here I want you all to focus on their Strategies, What Time-Table they prepared? How did they prepared? What Books did they refer to? Every possible information you can get.
    • Always, WRITE THEM DOWN.
  5. Make your PEN/PENCIL & A BOOK your best friend
    • Make it a Habit of preparing notes, while studying. ALWAYS!
  6. Don’t Be Stressed
    • Even if you find it difficult. Always remember, it is only difficult because it may be hard to understand at first, but read it for 2nd time, 3rd time, even do a 4th time reading, watch videos, surf the net, ask your professors. And you know what, I bet you, there’s nothing in the world that you won’t be able to understand, no matter how hard it was.
  7. One Last Thing
    • Just Stay Calm, there’s a quote for you all,
      ” I Hated Every Minute of Training, but I said, “Don’t Quit. Suffer Now And Live The Rest Of Your Life As A Champion “ — MUHAMMAD ALI

      So whenever you ask yourself, “Why Am I Studying”, then remember the above quote, because, Suffer the Pain of Studying Now and Enjoy The Benefits of A Good Score for the Rest Of Your Life.
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