Best 5 TV Shows For Entrepreneurs To Watch in 2021 – Must Watch

IIf you are an entrepreneur or your aim is to build a startup one day and you are a great fan of TV shows; you must be wondering that is there any shows out there which can help you to know what entrepreneurs have to go through which can indirectly help you in your startup journey. Here are the “Best 5 TV Shows For Entrepreneurs To Watch in 2021” that we recommend.

Motivation, Inspiration & Hardwork are the three keys that can unlock your journey to start your successful business. But, having an idea and physically implementing are two completely different things. Before getting on the field, we can’t imagine what setbacks, problems, and harsh truths we can face on our journey.

Entrepreneurship Quote - Top 5 Best TV Shows For Entrepreneurs To Watch in 2020
Entrepreneurship Quote

So here we have made you a list of the Top 5 Best TV Shows for Entrepreneurs, which will not only motivate or inspire you, but also give you a glance of what you can face in your journey, and how you can tackle it. Here we go…

To that end; here are the 5 Best TV shows for Entrepreneurs:

Best 5 TV Shows For Entrepreneurs To Watch in 2021


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Shark tank is one of the best TV reality shows which is a must-watch if you are a student and is willing to become an entrepreneur. The concept of the show is very simple — the investment seeking entrepreneurs present their product to investors (aka Sharks) who then choose whether to invest in their company as a business partner.

The show also focuses on showing the whole journey of the entrepreneur from where did they start; how they got the idea; what kind of hardship did they face even there is a special clip called ” Shark tank update ”

The show is currently in its 11th season.

MY RATINGS 🤔: 9.5/10

I will let you know the reason why I have given the series a 9.5 out of 10.

Firstly the show is just perfect for anyone who aims to become an entrepreneur. The show inspires a lot of young generation to bring out their ideas and try to see how far it goes.

I myself being a student; this show has taught me many valuable aspects of entrepreneurship. This show can give you answers to all the following questions :

  • Life of an Entrepreneur
  • Hardship faced in the market with several other competitors
  • The show is an ultimate view of reality !!

And this why it is in our “Best 5 TV Shows For Entrepreneurs to watch in 2021”

WHERE TO WATCH 📺: Netflix(UK & India) ; ABC( USA).


Silicon Valley
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Silicon Valley is a series that follows the struggle of a group of software engineers who develops a software and try to build a company named Pied Piper in the Silicon valley.

The show has 6 seasons and 53 episodes. It is been created by Mike Judge with an amazing cast.

The show is hilarious yet smart at the same time and if you are a great fan of tech and aim to become to start a tech company there is nothing more perfect than this show for you.

The show shows the struggle of programmers; how frustrating coding can be. The show has some of the best snappy dialogues and the tech gigs would just love to hear them.

MY RATINGS 🤔: 8.5/10

The show has arguably got the best ending one must-have. The story from start to end is perfect. The way the evolution of each and every character has been shown is just mind-blowing

I personally would say if you are an entrepreneur or want to become one, you are going to find this series so relatable that you might end up been watching the whole 6 seasons.

The way the comedy is been linked to technology is very impressive and would be loved by many tech lovers. But I found some same old jokes being repeated in season 4 and 5 of the series, but that said the story will keep you intact.

WHERE TO WATCH 📺: HBO( US & UK); Hotstar(India).

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TVF Pictures - Top 5 Best TV Shows For Entrepreneurs To Watch in 2020
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This Indian series is just one of its kind. It’s about a group of friends who wants to start a business because they are tired of their 9-5 jobs. The show highlights the struggle they face in a very smart and humorous manner.

The show has only 5 episodes and you can binge-watch it. The show has shown the struggle of an IT engineer; an HR and a common MBA student and the show totally lit up after the end of every episode.

The show also highlights the sacrifice one makes to build a startup and the amount of hardwork they do .

MY RATINGS 🤔: 9.3/10

The show is a complete pack of entertainment and if you want to be an entrepreneur then this series is for you. I had binge-watched this series and it’s worth watching.

WHERE TO WATCH 📺: TVF app( India)


Better Call Saul Image - Top 5 Best TV Shows For Entrepreneurs To Watch in 2020

The series is the prequel of the best series in the history of the Ott platform (i.e: Breaking Bad).

The series is about the evolution of the lawyer Saul Goodman. He is shown as a small-time lawyer who goes on and gets involved with gangsters like Tuco Salamanca; then a fraud police inspector which eventually leads his path to become the lawyer of Walter White. The series is beautifully connected.

The series has 5 seasons and each season has 10 episodes.

MY RATINGS 🤔: 9/10

Before starting why I have given a rating of 9/10, a big shout out to Breaking Bad because it’s one of the best shows I haven’t suggested that show because it’s not related to entrepreneurship but I would definitely suggest that show if you are an avid watcher of Tv shows.

Now let’s get back to Better Call Saul, it’s a masterpiece. The flow of the series is just amazing and I haven’t come across any show which has such a good flow. And is the Best TV Show for Entrepreneurs to watch in 2021.

The timeline of the show takes place is 6 years before the events of Breaking Bad; if you have already seen Breaking Bad you will click immediately and if not no worries Saul Goodman is to your rescue.

The show runs around different crimes and gangster war and how a small lawyer gets involved in all this mess and see how he plays his cards. That’s the part which according to me would be loved by you as I was amazed when I saw it; how cleverly Saul gets his way out of any situation.

WHERE TO WATCH 📺: Netflix (UK & India).

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This is a series based on lawyer and a lawyer firm situated in Manhattan; New York. The series has 9 seasons. And every season is just amazing and perfect.

The story gets started from Mike a college dropout student who indulges in selling drugs and eventually sits for a interview for a lawyer firm so that he is not caught with drugs and there he meets Harvey Specter who then selects him for the firm eventhogh Mike doesnt have a lawyers degree.

Then the series takes it to flow and it’s just amazing to see this show, in particular, is too inspiring.

“Harvey Specter” this guy has 100% of winning your heart. You can either love him or hate him for the way he is but you just can’t ignore him. One of the most inspiring characters one must ever come across.

Then comes the second character Mike Ross in spite of not going to law school; the way he deals with every situation and remains next to Harvey is one of the very beautiful parts of the show. He teaches us values like loyalty and being good at everything.

MY RATINGS 🤔: 9/10

Personally, I found the series a bit boring after the 5th season but yes if you become a die-hard fan of Harvey Specter you won’t find anything boring till the very end.

The series has a great ending; you will actually have goosebumps while watching the final few minutes of the show. Both Mike Ross and Harvey Specter had a great impact on me even though being a fictional character there are a lot of life lessons to be learned from both of them.

WHERE TO WATCH 📺: Netflix (UK & India).

So this is it, the best tv shows for entrepreneurs to watch in 2021, which I think everyone must watch, if they have the knack or passion to be an entrepreneur.

Frankly, to be very honest everyone once in their lifetime thinks of becoming an entrepreneur just because of these big names like Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg but no one really knows how the times have changed; nobody knows how much deep the competition is to pitch a product; no one knows the amount of hard work one has to put and this reality show shows exactly gives you the answer to all the above questions.

Please comment below which show you loved the most or any other show we forgot to mention in our top 5 list.

Do comment and share.

Thank You. ❤️


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