Why is money management and investing important for college students?

Money Management: If one can invest adequately at the correct time it can yield enormous outputs. Using proper steps and financial management, let’s continue … Read more

Effective Ways To Brand & Build Yourself On Instagram: DO’s and Don’ts

With around 1 billion active users per month, Instagram has become a major part of our daily routine. From scrolling down to the edge of our screen until “everything’s caught up” to following the craziest trends, we have done it all. It’s rare to find a media platform where music, comedy, art, memes, dance, acting, knowledge, business, and a lot more flourish altogether. It displays engaging content and helps us establish a personal connection with anyone we wish to. Read more

Entrepreneurship: Why is this knowledge a necessity for College Students in India?

Entrepreneurship: It's Importance for College Students in India

Entrepreneurship: Even this perplexing sixteen-letter word is insufficient to justify the contribution of an entrepreneur to the world. From every tiny little product to complex services, entrepreneurship is the channel that makes it all accessible. Entrepreneurship ensures the self-sustainability of an economy thereby generating employment opportunities. Read more