Effective Ways To Brand & Build Yourself On Instagram: DO’s and Don’ts

With around 1 billion active users per month, Instagram has become a major part of our daily routine. From scrolling down to the edge of our screen until “everything’s caught up” to following the craziest trends, we have done it all. It’s rare to find a media platform where music, comedy, art, memes, dance, acting, knowledge, business, and a lot more flourish altogether. It displays engaging content and helps us establish a personal connection with anyone we wish to.

Knowingly or Unknowingly, Instagram has ascendancy over our thoughts and perceptions.

Keeping the fun part aside, Instagram offers you several opportunities which could be availed for our own betterment & branding. So why not make use of this “Impeccable Instagram” for our own improvement?

Here are a few effective ways that will help you to brand & build on Instagram. 

1) Unleash your “CREATIVE NICHE”:

1) Unleash your “CREATIVE NICHE”:
Unleash your “CREATIVE NICHE”

You need not be the next Picasso or Justin Bieber. Just grab a paintbrush, or sing that song or jam on that music beat and post it unhesitatingly. Even if it’s something new you are trying out or following up a recent trend, just do it. No one’s gonna be judgemental about it. 

Basically, as Instagram says “do your thing”.  And If you are consistent with it, you will start getting better at it. Soon, you might proclaim a good number of audience. You never know, you might be the one becoming an “Influencer”.

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2) INSTAGRAM: Must have for any Business

2) INSTAGRAM: Must have for any Business
INSTAGRAM: Must have for any Business

Today, Instagram isn’t limited to following and followers. If you are an Entrepreneur or a part of any existing/ upcoming business, creating an Instagram account is the most fundamental thing. It will help flaunt your ideas and channelize them. Marketers can creatively make use of this platform to merchandise their products building a bulky brand value and image. 

Instagram-based small businesses are contemporarily in trend and are receiving massive support from the audience. Their eye-catching branding techniques, affordable prices, and personalized attention are what make them different. 

Sponsorship and Advertisement through Instagram is yet another promotional feature on spurge.

3) Selectively Follow the Knowledge:

3) Selectively Follow the Knowledge:
Selectively Follow the Knowledge

There are tonnes of pages out there on Instagram that yield content on a particular topic. When you are at the receiving end, remember to be choosy, as it will be the deciding factor for what you learn. 

E.g. Consider someone who is keen in discovering Wildlife photography. The person should be preferring pages that portray techniques about Cameras and Cinematography along with NatGeo and Animal Planet.

If you wish to be at the giving end i.e. you are the one creating content for Instagram, you need to primarily do in-depth research of the topic. An in-depth understanding of the audience demographics must follow, which will help to figure out the wow factor of the topic.    

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4) Build an effective profile:

4) Build an effective profile:
Build an effective profile:

The profile is the first noticeable thing in any individual’s media account. It’s simply a way of reflecting who you are and what exactly is your content domain. A precise and simple bio, an organized content, and a cheerful color palette on your profile will definitely give great insight and might help boost your followers.

Even if you aren’t a creator, you must still have a decent profile as it will help to build a good “first impression” on anyone you tend to approach.  

5) Spread your ideas through Instagram:

5) Spread your ideas through Instagram:
Spread your ideas through Instagram

In today’s fast-paced world, literally, anything can go “viral” within no time. Take the instance of Covid-19 ;D. Jokes apart, if you think you have an idea, be bold enough to post it on your Insta handle. Social media is the easiest way to broaden it. It will open a new domain of opportunities as people will get to precisely know about you and your content. 

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6) Grab up motivation and positivity: 

6) Grab up motivation and positivity:
Grab up motivation and positivity

Positivity and Motivation are the two inevitable parts of any successful venture. Be thoughtful while using social media and ensure to consider all these factors while you choose to follow something/ someone.

Everyone prefers someone who has an affirmative way of delivering thoughts. While anyone who motivates helps in making the person feel good about himself, boosting the self-confidence. 

7) Exploring Opportunities 

7) Exploring Opportunities
Exploring Opportunities

Instagram is full of wildest possibilities and siezable opportunities.

If one wishes to develop, one has to step out of his/her comfort zone. While Instagram provides you with eminent opportunities knocking at your doorstep, it is you, who needs to grab it and harness it to the fullest. 

E.g. Today’s smart technology has evolved up to the point that once you are a user for a considerable time, it is able to identify your domain of interest. Based on this, the algorithm is programmed to show you relevant opportunities like competitions to portray your talent. After proper research, one can easily make use of these. 

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8) Originality is the key:

8) Originality is the key:
Originality is the key

Any social media is flooded with duplicates and copy-cats all over the place. In case one wishes to excel as a content creator, one must figure out “what’s not there”. The audience will assuredly get attracted to something that’s bohemian and unique. 

9) Connections and INSTAGRAM Community:

9) Connections and INSTAGRAM Community:
Connections and INSTAGRAM Community

As we often say,

A man is known by the company he keeps. 

One must ensure to stay connected with positive and authentic people. Defying this might put you at risk as many people on social media are involved in manipulating individuals for their own benefit. 

For Content Creators, receiving some hatred from the audience is inescapable. But one must believe in his/her own self and should have the courage to ignore the ones who defame you.

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10) Be aware!!

10) Be aware!!
Be aware!!

Instagram is also a trap considering the fictitious media platform and freedom given for anyone to post anything. Users might fall prey to privacy issues, scams, frauds, and even addiction. One must report in case he comes across/ faces any such mishaps.   

Apart from this, people actually believe in everything they see on Instagram. This isn’t always true.

E.g. Posts about flawless skin, a perfectly sculpted body, and an unrealistic-happy life are often posted on media platforms. Creators mostly tend to post about their oh-so-perfect life keeping aside “the reality”. This forces people to compare their own life with these faux ones, giving them an inferiority complex.

If this happens in your case, you must opt for a social media detox.  

We recommend a controlled and sane usage of all the available features on the application. This will help benefit each user and achieve the basic purpose of staying connected.   

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