Top 5 Indian Podcasts in 2021 Every Youth Needs To Listen

Top 5 Indian Podcasts: Podcasts are the next big thing and only a handful would doubt it. Podcasting is said to have begun in 2004 with Adam Curry and Dave Winer credited as the first ones to have set the ball rolling. Of course today every other person hosts a podcast.

The feasibility of audio-only content has gained popularity with today’s youth who are in search of on-the-go material. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ 2020 report, India is the third-largest podcast listening nation. So here’s a list of the top 5 podcasts every youth needs to hear right now.

1. The Ranveer Show

The Ranveer Show
The Ranveer Show

BeerBiceps aka Ranveer Allahbadia, one of our top 5 Indian podcasts, with a passion to create quality content in 2019 made him start the marvelous podcast that goes on from spirituality to mind-bending secrets of the universe, from astronomy to stock market knowledge, from financial advice to music, and from sports to cryptocurrency, the list just goes on because there is no dearth of knowledge when it comes to this particular podcast. It is addictive, information-packed, and entertaining.

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2. The Rudest Podcast Ever

The Rudest Podcast Ever
The Rudest Podcast Ever

On our top 5 Indian podcast list no.2, the wisest advice from the older brother you never had, comes from the host of The Rudest Podcast Ever, Shwetabh Gangwar. Here one would find episodes on how to combat demotivation, most adolescent and youth problems, history, culture, work, and the list goes on. Started in 2020 and still going strong, it is definitely one of the best podcasts and much needed by us living in the 21st century.

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3. Khooni: Crimes of India

Khooni : The Crimes of India - Posts
Khooni : The Crimes of India – Posts

This one is India’s first-ever independent true-crime podcast hosted by two girls. “Whether you are a true crime aficionado, budding sleuth, secret deviant or just looking for something to jazz up your boring commute or jog, this podcast has a little something for all of you!” reads their Spotify description and rightly so. So if you are even a little bit into true crime or love binging on crime dramas this one is for you, buddy.

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4. The Musafir Stories – India Travel Podcast

The Musafir Stories - India Travel Podcast
The Musafir Stories – India Travel Podcast

If travel is your forte this podcast will take you places right through your earphones, mate. From Panchgani to the Andaman Islands and Varkala to Sikkim. Saif Omar and Faiza Khan are a wanderlust-struck couple who take you through different destinations in India sitting right behind your two microphones.

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5. The Indian Startup Show

The Indian Startup Show
The Indian Startup Show

Well, yes, a startup show because the 21st century is the century of startups. Also because you never know when one startup owner inspires another upcoming startup owner. Every week, Host Neil Patel chats with a startup owner to know their thought process, ideas, and how they did it. Definitely recommend everyone to watch this one even if you aren’t into a startup because you will definitely walk away with at least some great lesson.

So what are you waiting for? Get your earphones on!

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So here, I end my list. All the above top 5 India podcasts are awesome and yes every 2021 youth needs to listen to all. It will surely help you in your career and life.

Let me know by commenting down, which one do you like the most. 🙂

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