3 Brand Advocacy that Shocked the World – Know More

It strikes when a company understands that it is getting lost in the brand noise amidst its fellow competitors. And without standout brand visibility, no company is going to thrive in the market. No one cares about how good your product is unless they get to know about your existence.

That’s why firms put great efforts towards creating a Brand space for themselves. And the best method followed is brand advocacy. And here we will see 3 brand advocacy that shocked the world.


Brand advocacy in simple words is the process where people who know and love your brand tell others about you and help you to widen your customer base. It helps you reach out to a larger audience and attain brand visibility. It is when you stop spending a lot of money on the paid advertisement and let people spread the word organically.

Now as we have got to know the definition, let me take you through the 3 times when the brand took advocacy to a greater level which eventually reflected in their business.


On 12 January 2010, the social media was bombed with videos of college students going crazy over a vending machine that gave them their favorite drink for free.

The Coca-Cola brand dropped a vending machine and surrounded it with hidden cameras to capture the pure happiness the students experienced when they saw an unlimited supply of coca-cola.

Coco-Cola Happiness Machine. One of the greatest brand advocacy that shocked the world

Over 15 million people saw the brand advocacy within the first week. According to reports, it is said the company had to spend only $60,000 for the campaign, and the results that mirrored scaled great peaks in the company product sales.

Hence in our list of “3 Brand Advocacy that Shocked the World”.

2. STAR BUCKS- @tweetacoffee

Starbucks has grown to become the first choice of anyone who thinks of a one-stop to feed all the coffee needs. They have always been able to maintain their loyal customer base even after continuously been taunted over the high price.

It is evidently because of the successful campaign they carried out during 2013 – @tweetacoffee. A customer could order a coffee for free for someone else just by sending a tweet “Tweet a coffee” to the given handle and liking it.

START BUCKS-@tweetacoffee: One of the greatest brand advocacy that shocked the world

The user-friendly nature where one could do all this just through their mobile made the campaign a huge success. They followed up with this trend by other campaigns such as #TreatReceipt, where discounts were given on coffees bought in the afternoon if a customer had already purchased that morning.


Addidas decided to walk up the brand ladder by taking up a very hard job where they decided to bring back a forgotten volleyball team to life and gift it to their loyal fans. They used one of the most common methods of today.

Adidas - Forgotten Team: One of the greatest of the brand advocacy that shocked the world

Yes, video making. It was never an easy task but the advertising team was up to the task. They launched 6 well-edited and groomed videos of the Chinese volleyball team from the brand’s point of view. Nearly 5.5 million people watched the videos and got to know about the volleyball team and thereby opening a new range of audience for the brand.

Every time when a brand needed a stand out in the market, successful firms have always believed in their existing loyal customers. It’s been a proven fact that brand advocacy has been a great strategy in the establishment of a space for themselves.

This reestablishes that it’s more about creating a loyal customer base than reaching a huge random group of buyers. It reestablishes that a loyal customer is always the GOD.

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