India a Huge Market for Video Analytics in the Post Covid Era – Market Size, Trend & Career Option

Our Indian brains are one day elder than yesterday and one day younger than tomorrow, which means that everything we do is one step better than yesterday and will lead to something one step better tomorrow.

But the current pandemic has taken us back to our crawling days, from where we will have to forget all our post lifestyle and adopt a new lifestyle within the COVID protocol boundaries. And the only possible effective method we have to achieve this is trial and error. But for trial and error, someone needs to continuously monitor everyone.

Hmm, But who can do that? Well, the answer is no one can. But unfortunately, we don’t take no for an answer, right? And hence we will change the question to get the answer. So, what can do that? 

Well, we already have the answer – Video analytics. Video analytics is a new branch of security protocol that analysis a video piece employing pre-programmed codes and reports any action happening in the video that is of some kind of violation.

To point a few examples it is like

  • Crossing a boundary
  • Moving around down a corridor
  • Littering
  • Floating face down in a swimming pool
  • Abandoning packages

Every little action can be analyzed and judged by well-written codes. Video analytics has now grown from a method to a market. It now possess its own internal developments and has reached a state of its importance. This industry has now been the want of the hour.

Video analytics market was estimated at USD 1528.1 million in 2019, and it is expected to boom and attain USD 4142.7 million by 2025, registering a whooping CAGR of 24.5% during the forecast period.


India ranks 65th in the top crime committing countries with a crime index of 44.42. So India is already a great place for this. By analyzing basic behaviour, we can easily state that as a country on whole we love breaking laws.

And this is where the problem begins and where ever the problem begins a market grows for the solution. It is easy to support this statement just by analyzing India’s journey through COVID times.

In the beginning, India had a great record of controlling the spread of the virus. But as soon as people got to know more about it we started crossing the lines and currently, we have registered 2.84 million cases and rank 3nd as of today. 



Yes, we can understand that video analytics is going to grow as an industry and hence will create a huge job market. Qualified professionals with proper experience can make a standard living through this.

A bachelors degree is the most preferred education qualification. Experience in positions like an analyst or intelligence analyst can be added advantage. On average, a full-motion video analyst makes $88,231 per annum.


Nothing changes itself until something initiates the change and this technology can be great. A country like India needs to monitor it’s citizen every second to protect itself. India is famous for its groundbreaking law formation and stained ways of implementing it.

It’s need of the hour to change this and video analytics can make this happen. There will be a government level approach towards these industries, too. Video analytics will see a growth of fairy tale level post the COVID.

Hence understand the need of the hour and get yourself ready for the future job market.

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