DBATU Model MCQ – Computer Networks

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Welcome to your Computer Networks, dated November 26, 2021

1. What is the size of Source and Destination IP address in IP header?Deselect Answer
2.  What does Router do in a network?Deselect Answer
3.  What is the size of Host bits in Class B of IP address?Deselect Answer
4. A high speed communication equipment technically would not be needed for ?Deselect Answer
5. Which of the following are non polling systems?Deselect Answer
6. How many characters per sec ( 7 bits + 1 parity ) can be transmitted over a 2400 bps per line if the transfer is synchronous ( 1 start+ 1 stop bit ) ?Deselect Answer
7. The network topology that supports bi-directional links between each possible node is ?Deselect Answer
8. DHCP Server provides _____ to the client.Deselect Answer
9.  Which of the following layer is not network support layer?Deselect Answer
10. Start & stop bits are used in serial communication forDeselect Answer
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