DBATU Model MCQ – Data Structures

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Welcome to your Data Structures, dated November 26, 2021

 A full binary tree with n leaves contains
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2. The data structure required to Breadth first Traversal on a graph isDeselect Answer
3. Assuming value of every weight to be greater than 10, in which of the following cases the shortest path of a directed weighted graph from 2 vertices u and v will never change?Deselect Answer
4. If the tree is not a complete binary tree then what changes can be made for easy access of children of a node in the array ?Deselect Answer
5. In what type of dynamic array do you divide the array into two parts?Deselect Answer
6. The given array is arr = {1,2,4,3}. Bubble sort is used to sort the array elements. How many iterations will be done to sort the array?Deselect Answer
7. What is the location of parent node for any arbitary node i?Deselect Answer
8. To which data structure are skip lists similar to in terms of time complexities in worst and best cases?Deselect Answer
9. What is the average case complexity of selection sort?Deselect Answer
10. What is the number of moves required in the Tower of Hanoi problem for k disks?Deselect Answer
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