DBATU Model MCQ – Electrical Machines 2

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Welcome to your Electrical Machine 2, dated November 26, 2021


A differential relay comparator used for the protection of three phase transformers has

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2. In double delta transformation, a double delta refers to the case where there are two delta transformations inDeselect Answer
3.   In Scott connection, the voltage across the teaser leads the mains byDeselect Answer
4.    For large low voltage transformers, the most commonly used connections areDeselect Answer
5.    In a three phase transformer, the current flowing in three primaries produces three corresponding fluxes. The sum of these three fluxes at any instant isDeselect Answer
6.   The constant current transformer are mainly used forDeselect Answer
7.    Small iron core transformers used in certain frequency range is also called audio frequency transformer. The audio frequency range isDeselect Answer
8.  The output voltage of constant voltage transformer contains excessive harmonics which can be filtered out by usingDeselect Answer
9.   A constant voltage transformer is fed with the sinusoidal input voltage. Its output isDeselect Answer
10.    A star connected three phase transformer is provided with tertiary delta connected winding which allows the flow ofDeselect Answer
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