DBATU Model MCQ – Metrology & Quality Engineering

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Welcome to your Metrology & Quality Engineering, dated November 26, 2021

1. Johansson mickrocator is a type ofDeselect Answer
2.    What is a least square line?Deselect Answer
3.  Why are pitch errors observed in threads?Deselect Answer
4. Spiral gears are used to transmit power when the shafts areDeselect Answer
5.   Which among the following is a type of control chart for variables?Deselect Answer
6. What are the factors causing sampling error?Deselect Answer
7. What is the type of instrument shown below?
MQC - (14).jpeg
Deselect Answer
8.  Indicator method is used to testDeselect Answer
9. Which type of fringe is formed, if a path difference of  λ/2 is observed in an interference pattern?Deselect Answer
10. Which among the following causes first order surface irregularity?Deselect Answer
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