DBATU Model MCQ – Microcontroller And Its Applications

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Welcome to your Microcontroller And Its Applications, dated November 27, 2021

1.  Which operations are performed by the bit manipulating instructions of boolean processor?Deselect Answer
2.  Which control signal/s is/are generated by timing and control unit of 8051 microcontroller in order to access the off-chip devices apart from the internal timings?Deselect Answer
3.  How many registers can be utilized to write the programs by an effective selection of register bank in program status word (PSW)?Deselect Answer
4.  Which among the below mentioned devices of MCS-51 family does not possess two 16 -bit timers/counters?Deselect Answer
5.  Which operations are performed by stack pointer during its incremental phase?Deselect Answer
6.  Which is the only register without internal on-chip RAM address in MCS-51?Deselect Answer
7. What is the default value of stack once after the system undergoes  the reset condition?Deselect Answer
8.  Which register bank is supposed to get selected if the values of register bank select bits RS1 & Rs0 are detected to be '1' & '0' respectively?Deselect Answer
9.  Which locations of 128 bytes on-chip additional RAM are generally reserved for special functions?Deselect Answer
10.    What is the required baud rate for an efficient operation of serial port devices in 8051 microcontroller?Deselect Answer
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