DBATU Model MCQ – Operating System

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Welcome to your Operating System, dated April 21, 2021

1. A computer system has 4K word cache organised in a block set associative manner ,with 4 blocks as per set ,64 words per block .The number of bits in the SET & WORD field of the main memory address format isDeselect Answer
2. Which of the following applications are well suited for batch processing ?Deselect Answer
3. A system has 3 processes sharing 4 resources. If each process needs a maximum of 2 units then,deadlockDeselect Answer
4. Fence register is used forDeselect Answer
5. Dijkstra's banking algorithm is an operating system that solves the problem ofDeselect Answer
6. Memory protection is of no use in aDeselect Answer
7. Sector interleaving in disks is done byDeselect Answer
8. A computer system has 6 tape drives ,with 'n' processes competing for them .Each process may need 3 tape drives .The maximum value of 'n' for which the system is guaranteed to be deadlock free isDeselect Answer
9. The size of the virtual memory depends on the size ofDeselect Answer
10. In Round Robin CPU scheduling ,as the time quantum is increased,the average turn around time is ,Deselect Answer
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