DBATU Model MCQ – Protection & Switchgear Engineering

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Welcome to your Protection And Switchgear Engineering, dated April 22, 2021

1.    When does the circuit breaker operate in the line?Deselect Answer
2.   Which material is used for the manufacture of bus bars?Deselect Answer
3.   Which among these are the main characteristics of a fuse element?Deselect Answer
4.   Which among these is the least expensive protection for over current in low voltage system?Deselect Answer
5.  What is the maximum current upto which fuses can be used?Deselect Answer
6.    Which among these tests are performed to check the nation or international standards?Deselect Answer
7.   What is the cut off current in the fuse?Deselect Answer
8.   Which type of tripping is generally preferred for the circuit breaker?Deselect Answer
9.  How is the initiation of electric arc at the instant of contact separation caused?Deselect Answer
10.  The heat produced at the contact point owing to flow of electric current is least affected by_____________________.Deselect Answer
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