DBATU Model MCQ – Satellite Communication

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Welcome to your Satellite Communication, datedNovember 26, 2021

1. ________ law states that the path followed by the satellite around the primary will be an ellipse.Deselect Answer
2. The point where the orbit crosses the equatorial plane going from south to north is known as ________Deselect Answer
3. Which of the following refers to the equipment used to provide the service for which the satellite has been launched.Deselect Answer
4. What is meant by TWTA ?Deselect Answer
5. A satellite downlink at 12 GHz operates with a transmit power of 6 W and an antenna gain of 48.2 dB. Calculate the EIRP in dBW.Deselect Answer
6. What is meant by Universal Time Day?Deselect Answer
7. INTELSAT stands for ________Deselect Answer
8. The range between a ground station and a satellite is 42000 km. Calculate the free space loss a frequency of 6 GHz.Deselect Answer

A geosynchronous satellite

Deselect Answer

Orbital disturbances of a geosynchronous satellite are caused by the

Deselect Answer
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