DBATU Model MCQ – Electronics Devices & Circuits

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Welcome to your Electronics Devices & Circuits, dated November 27, 2021

1. Which of the following elements are most frequently used for doping pure Ge or Si ?Deselect Answer
2. In which of the following state does the silicon diode has the voltage drop of 0.7V ?Deselect Answer
3. Find the static resistance of the diode having ID = 30 mA & VD = 0.75 VDeselect Answer
4. The below diagram is __________

Deselect Answer
5. _____ is a device in which there is a transfer of resistance from input side which is forward biased (low resistance) to output side which is reverse biased (high resistance)Deselect Answer
6. In which of the following region, both the collector base & base emitter junctions are forward biased ?Deselect Answer
7. The decrease in base width with increase in collector reverse bias voltage is known as ____Deselect Answer
8. A BJT is a _____ controlled device, JFET is a ________ controlled deviceDeselect Answer
9. The symbols below comes under which category of MOSFET

Deselect Answer
10. What is the value of the effective density of states function in the conduction band at 300k?Deselect Answer
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