DBATU Model MCQ – Signals & Systems

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Welcome to your Signals & Systems, dated November 26, 2021

1. The function which relates output of a system to the input(signal) of a system isDeselect Answer
2. A discrete signal is said to be odd or asymmetric if x(-n) is equal toDeselect Answer
3. Nyquist bit rate formula defines the theoretical maximum bit rate for which channelDeselect Answer
4. The equation y(t) = a x(t)+b comes under which systemDeselect Answer

What form of waveform is shown here?

Deselect Answer
6. A continuous-time periodic signal x(t), having a period T, is convolved with itself. Then the resulting signal isDeselect Answer
7. The Inverse Fourier Transform of u(ω) isDeselect Answer
8. Find the Nyquist Frequency for the given signal x(t) =3 cos 50πt +10 sin 300πt – cos100πtDeselect Answer
9. The type of systems which are characterized by input and the output capable of taking any value in a particular set of values are called asDeselect Answer
10. A system is said to be stable if the bounded input to the system producesDeselect Answer
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