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Semester Examination – Nov/Dec-2019

Branch: B. E. (Information Technology-CBSGS)-Sem-3

Subject (Subject Code): Database Management System (49805)

Date: 26/11/2019

Time: 3 Hrs.

Marks: 80

Instructions to the Students :

  1. Question no. 1 is compulsory.
  2. Solve any three questions from the remaining 5.
  3. Use of non-programmable scientific calculators is allowed.
  4. Assume suitable data wherever necessary & mention it clearly.

Q.1.  (5*4 = 20).

a) List all functional dependencies satisfied by the relation.

b) Write a stored procedure to add two numbers.  

c) Define terms: Primary key & Foreign key.

d) Explain Generalization & Specialization.

Q.2. (10*2 = 20)

a)Explain ACID properties in detail with example.

b) Discuss the need of normalization with example.

Q.3. (2*10 = 20)

a) Expalin the advantages of database approach over traditional file processing & differentiate between databases & file system.

b) Explain following relational algebra operations with proper examples :

I. Project

II. Natural Join

III. Set Interaction

IV. Select

Q.4. (2*10 = 20).

a) Consider Insurance Database given below & answer the following quesries in SQL.

Person (driver_id, name, address)

Car (license_no, model, year)

Accident (report_no, accident_date, location)

Owns (driver_id, license_no)

Participated (driver_id, license_no, report_no, damage_amount)

1) Find total number of people who owned car those are involved in accidents 2018.

2) Add new accident record in to database.

3) Delete ‘Honda city’ belonging to ‘Kevin Peter’

4) Find the number of accidents in which car belonging to ‘ dates’ were involved. 


b) Construct an ER diagram for Car Insurance Company.

Q.5. (2*10=20).

a) Draw & explain Database System Architecture.

b) Explain steps in Query Processing & Optimization.

Q.6. (20)

Write a short note on:

    1. Shadow Paging Technique
    2. Database Failure Classification
    3. Views in SQL
    4. Data independence in database system

Paper End