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Semester Examination – Nov/Dec-2019

Branch: B. E. (Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering-CBCGS)-Sem-3

Subject (Subject Code): ANALOG ELECTRONICS-2 (39201)

Date: 04/12/2019

Time: 3 Hrs.

Marks: 80

Instructions to the Students :

  1. Question no. 1 is compulsory.
  2. Solve any three questions from the remaining 5.
  3. Use of non-programmable scientific calculators is allowed.
  4. Assume suitable data wherever necessary & mention it clearly.

Q.1. Attempt any 5 questions(20).

a)What is the major limitations of class B power amplifier & how to overcome the same ? 

b)Compare series & shunt voltage regulators. 

c)Draw high frequency hybrid pi equivalent circuit of FET & define various components in the model.

d) draw the circuit diagram of Widlar current source & derive the relationship between output current & reference current. 


e) Compare ideal & practical OPAMP.

f) Define differential & common mode gain & differential & common mode input impedance of the differential amplifier.


a) Determine the corner frequency & maximum gain of MOSFET amplifier, For the circuit shown in fig 2 a) the parameters are RS=3.2KOhm, RD=10Kohm, RL=20Kohm& CL=10pF.The transistor parameters are VTP=2V,KP=0.25mA/V2 & lamda=0 .Consider IDQ=0.5mA & VSGQ=3.41V.      [10M]

b) Determine unikty gain bandwidth of N channel MOSFET with parameters Kn=0.25mA/V2, VTN=1V, Lamda=0,Cgb=0.4pF & Cgs=0.2pF. Assume the transistor is biased at VGS=3V. Calculte Miller capacitance & 3dB frequency of the circuit when 10Kohm load is connected to the output.                     [10M]


a)Draw circuit diagram of two stage common emitter amplifier (CE-CE) and derive overall voltage gain , current gain, input resistance & output resistance using hybrid pi equivalent circuit. [10M]

b)Draw circuit diagram of MOSFET based differential amplifier & derive expression for differential voltage gain, common mode gain & CMRR.                             [10M]

Q.4. (20).

a)Draw the circuit of OPAMP based intergrator circuit & derive the expression for output voltage. What are the limitations of integrator circuit & how to overcome the limitations?

b) Draw the circuit diagram of Darlington pair amplifier using BJT & derive the expression for Av,Ai,Zi &Zo

Q.5. (20).

a) Draw & explain the working of class B power amplifier .Explain its working with the help of waveform & derive expression for power conversion efficiency.

 b) Draw the circuit diagram of Adder using OPAMP & derive expression for its output voltage.

Q.6. (20)

Write a short note on:(Attemp any 4)

    1. Wilson current sources
    2. Power MOSFET 
    3. Cascode Amplifier
    4. Differentiator using OPAMP
    5. Class C power amplifier

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