AICTE Launches 49 Free Online Courses to help prepare for Job Interviews

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Amid the COVID-19 Lockdown, AICTE has launched 49 Free Online Courses, in which students can join & attend all the courses for free, as students are not able to attend their regular classes.

While launching these courses, the AICTE also clarified: “During the lockdown, learning should not stop. Fortunately, many companies came forward to give their products FREE OF COST for those who register till May 15, 2020, for your learning.

These AICTE e-learning free courses will help students who are seeking for jobs or want to learn new skills, or those preparing for competitive exams (like Bank, UPSC, GATE).

No doubt, the skills you learn, will eventually help you in your interviews and make your resume shine much brighter. Click here for the list of courses.

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Some AICTE Free courses offered, highlights are :-

Competitive Examination

The course, “Introduction to Banking“, “Introduction to UPSC” and “GATE Exam Preparation” is said to be designed in a way, that would help students in their preparation for their respective exams.

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Not only they contain enough study materials but they also explain the process/basis of how to start your exam preparation.

Beside this, AICTE is also offering a well-designed course for GATE Aspirants. This course offers more than 100 hours of video content, covering all major aspects for every branch of engineering.


Learn & implement new skills, for this AICTE has introduced many free courses for all branches including Computers, IT, Mechanical, Electronics, Civil, other related branches too.

Learning new skills will eventually help you to improve your resume & can lead you to a high paying job.

Some courses offered under this section are “Data Analytics using R”, “IAAA: Certified Software Testing Professional – Functional Testing”, “CAD using AutoDesk Inventor”, “IAAA: Certified Agile Scrum Associate”, “R, Java Programming”, “Machine Learning”, “Structural Analysis”, “Certified Full Stack Engineer”.

Every course is certified and IAAA & LEAP certification courses are also available.

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Job Interviews

Every Job Seeking Aspirant must go through the “Free App-based Courses for Communication Skills and Interview Preparation” course.

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The e-learning course offered are chat-based and in an interactive format. This will help students to improve their English skills, groom their personality, etc through the audio-visual content.

This 50 hour contents will help you to ace all your interviews.

Digital Marketing

As everyone knows, digital marketing has a wide scope, with a good inflow of income too. Polish your digital marketing skills and search for more new skills for marketing. The free course suitable for this is the “Digital Marketing” course launched by AICTE.

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All free courses launched by AICTE, cover our entire student’s community irrespective of the degree or branch they belong to.

Click here to visit the page to apply for the course.

NOTE – AICTE has also clarified that: “AICTE does not take any responsibility for its contents nor copyright issues (if any) since the products are not vetted by AICTE. It is the responsibility of the respective companies.”

Last Date – 15th May 2020

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