Best Horror movies in India

From old school to the new age Indian horror movies have now created a benchmark with a large array of movies in the horror genre. This blog consists of some of the best-reviewed horror movies in Indian cinema


TUMBAADTumbaad is an Indian period drama supernatural horror movie, the plot is set in the pre-independence period the story revolves around a village that builds a shrine for the never to be worshipped cursed god ” Hastar”.where in order to get rid of his poverty Vinayak vows to find the cursed wealth of Hastar

Tumbbad (2018) - IMDb

GENRE-Thriller. drama, supernatural horror

RATINGS- ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (8.8/10)

Why watch it??

  • Tumbbad stands out from other mythological fiction because of its great storyline,and amazing cinemetography
  • It offers a trustworthy experience and make us believe on the legend of Hastar
  • The film is divided into 3 phases with 3 generation and with every new generation it shows a drastic increase in greed and lust
  • Tumbbad beautifully showcases the real and metaphorical demons, demons which resides in each one of us


ANDHAGHAARAM – Andhaghaaram is an Indian-Tamil language horror movie, the movie is divided into 3 indigenous plot which in the end collides with each other, the story revolves around a blind librarian, a psychiatrist and a disheartened cricketer.

Karan Johar asks movie buffs to watch Atlee's 'Andhaghaaram' | The News  Minute

GENRE-Horror, thriller, mystery


Why watch it???

  • Andhaghaaram is a full entertainment package without any jumpscares the story creates horror in you.
  • As a viewer, the movie baffles you at a certain point because of its interwined plots but makes you stick with the story
  • The story is wived in a thread with 3 phases with in the end connects with one another
  • Andhaghaaram is one of the best tamil horror movies, the movie has some plotholes as well here a mentally ill person is depicited as as a threat to the society


LAPACHAPPI-Lappachappi is an Indian-Marathi horror movie, the story revolves around a couple who moves into a village by escaping from their past traumatic life, unaware of everything the 8-month pregnant mother starts feeling a threat towards her unborn baby.

Lapachhapi (2017) - IMDb

GENRE-Thriller, supernatural horror, drama


Why watch it??

  • Lapachappi(hide and seek) creates a milestone in the marathi idustry because of its eminent storyline
  • The story revolves around female foticide, as still in some parts of India a girl child is consider to cursed, and her birth is linked to some supersitious beliefs
  • The story is well presented and enganging because of the significant work by the actors and the team, it secures a rank in one of the best well made Indian horror movies


RANGITARANGA-Rangitaranga is an Indian-Kannada horror thriller movie. The story revolves around a writer named Gautum who writes under the pseudo name Anushku and his wife Indu, the plot is set in kamarottu village where Indu visits her ancestral home after experiencing frequent nightmares

RangiTaranga - Wikipedia

GENRE-Thriller, Mystery, horror

RATINGS- ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (8.2/10)

Why watch it??

  • Rangitaranga is full package horror thriller movie, this movie has gained worldwide popularity and was also nominated in 88th Academy awards
  • Rangitaranga depicts clever story presentation ,vivid emotions , astonishing music and great suspense
  • Rangitaranga guides a light on superstitious practices still prevailing in some parts of India


BULBUL-Bulbul is an Indian supernatural horror movie, the story is set in the early ’80s which gives us a view of the male-driven society where a little girl named bulbul is married to a much elderly looking baleful man named Indranil the movie showcases various problematic and unwanted situations faced a woman which is still prevailing in our society

Bulbul 2020 480p 720p 1080p Download | Netflix original movies, Original  movie, Netflix originals

GENRE-Supernatural horror, drama


Why watch it??

  • The movie has showcased the mishappenings faced by a girl , women in the early 80’s
  • In country like India where most of us worship goddesses still we are facing such issues of violence against women
  • The movie beautifully protrays this concept with ease and beauty , whereas it has also got mixed reviews because of missing horror at some points, but the actors have done a tremendous performance

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