How to Land a Successful Career During This Inflation in 2022

As the cost of living increase due to inflation, workers slow their resignations down. Now you have to double-check whether it’s worth exchanging your current position for several weeks of unemployment. Let alone it’s harder to find better or similar conditions.

Companies are reluctant to give jobs to new employees now. Whether they need to hire Magento experts or recruit other specialists, recession, high inflation, and possible stagflation are among the top fears. This environment puts job seekers in an unfavorable position.

Should you pursue your dreams or stay in the current place? With this inflation, how do you get a job or a promotion in 2022? This article will provide some tips to have a successful career regardless of the situation on the market.

3 Tips to Succeed on the Job Market in 2022

1. Reach out to Your Network

To upgrade your position or find a new job, begin with networking. According to some statistics, 70% of jobs never get published, with networking being a source for 85% of positions. It means you can find a job during an informal interaction with friends, colleagues, and people with similar interests. For example, you can turn to LinkedIn.

But before that, conduct a network audit. It provides information about gaps and areas where you can increase your effort or make adjustments. Write down the people you are in contact with. Consider what support they may give you and what you may offer them.

When done correctly, networking is one of the most effective ways to land a career. Your chances of finding a job increase considerably the more individuals you contact. An audit might also reveal how long it has been since you communicated with members of your network.

Keep in touch with people from your social circle. It can be an online event, a call with a cup of coffee, or a lunch out in the real world. Increase visibility among top executives by volunteering for certain assignments. Connect with three to five people in your network each month, be it to offer support or discuss recent news.

2. Embrace Social Media

Social media has transformed from places for communicating with friends and posting pictures and videos from vacations. It’s now an effective tool for presenting yourself as a specialist. You can record videos and share them via YouTube. It requires time and a content plan to publish valuable information frequently.

Or you can opt for Instagram or TikTok to post shorter videos or images to showcase your talents. You can also try Facebook and Twitter to repurpose the existing materials. This content helps attract the attention of potential employers. 

Why are social media important for making a career in 2022? They let you reach out to broad audiences for others to notice you. And the best part is that you don’t need to pay for utilizing them. Social media allow you to differentiate yourself by displaying an in-depth understanding of the industry.

Different research reveals that more than half of recruiters use search engines to learn about candidates. And many of them may decide whether to hire you or not.

Your task is to ensure whether they see an innovative specialist or a profile with numerous pictures from parties. Employers seek involvement in regional or national organizations, work samples, and connections. That’s why it’s reasonable to clean up your social presence.

Spend some time organizing your social media accounts, including a name search. Delete any offensive pictures or content. Make sure the social media platforms represent your personality. And give examples or build a portfolio website to support the resume.

3. Take Additional Education and Training

When you reach a certain age, returning to school may not appeal to you. However, upskilling is crucial for jumpstarting a career in 2022. There is a wide range of online courses to stay current with changes in the workplace. Find the most appealing variants and take them in your free time. Approach your education strategically. For example, look through job postings to discover the employers’ needs.

Where can you find online courses? Study websites like Coursera, Codecademy, LinkedIn Learning, and Udemy. They contain free and paid courses for you to develop in-demand skills and learn from experienced professors. Plus, they provide you with a certificate or badge at the end of your education.

Include them in your résumé and LinkedIn profile. These accomplishments show you career motivation, ambitions, and readiness to invest time, money, and effort to succeed. They also act as a differentiator. While some employers value hands-on experience over online education, having several qualifications can make a significant impact if you’re just getting started.

Final Word

The pandemic has left a significant mark on the job market. People reassessed their values and what they considered necessary: work, families, or even self-expression. The work-life balance, personal lives, and health took center stage. That’s why many employees quit their unsatisfactory jobs to discover more pleasant alternatives or spend more time with their families while unemployed.

Some jobs offer remote work. Others have flexible schedules or higher wages. Employees set the rules of the game and choose carefully when searching for a new position. This trend has become so massive that it got the name “Great Resignation”. However, inflation has turned it upside down.

The transition to the “Great Inflation” requires businesses to raise wages and employees to lower their expectations. What if you want to land a successful career in 2022? Here are a few actions you can take:

  • Keep strong relationships with people from your industry.
  • Share knowledge through social media.
  • Improve your skills to stay competitive in the work market.

After all, work on your mindset since you’ll need it when things get rough.

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