Indian Students’ Guide to Studying in Ireland: Eligibility, Fees, and Requirements


  • The guide helps you understand the nature and characteristics of education, the education system, eligibility criteria, requirements, and cost.
  • You can find out the cost of studying in Ireland.
  • This guide also explains how to apply for a place on an Irish university course.


Ireland can be a fantastic alternative if you’re looking for a place to study abroad. The country has a long history of producing top-quality students and is one of the best places to get an education in Europe. When looking in Ireland, many advantages can help you enjoy your time at university or college. Here is all the information you require for studying in Ireland:

Higher Education in Ireland: Nature & Characteristics

Higher education in Ireland is a devolved matter. The Higher Education Authority (HEA), established under the 1994 Higher Education Act, is responsible for setting the standards for higher education in Ireland. It also regulates and monitors public institutions, private colleges, and other bodies offering courses leading to undergraduate qualifications at all levels of education, from pre-school through to doctoral level.

The HEA has its headquarters in Dublin and Cork and Galway offices.

Top Universities in Ireland

There are many universities in Ireland, but the top five are:

  • National University of Ireland, Galway
  • University College Dublin (UCD)
  • Trinity College, Dublin
  • University College Cork
  • Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT)
  • Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT)

Some popular courses to study in Ireland include a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, a Bachelor of Engineering, and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

The Advantages of Studying in Ireland for Indian Students

There are many advantages to studying in Ireland, which we have categorized into five areas:

  • If you want to experience international education at its best, Ireland is the best destination for your studies! Beautiful surroundings and amiable locals will make it simple for you to acclimate to the new way of life.
  • Getting a job after graduation is very easy here because many companies hire graduates from Irish universities yearly. This means that if you’re looking for work after completing your degree or master’s degree program at an Irish university, then it’s likely that employers will be interested in hiring people from this country as well!
  • Safety is another significant advantage associated with studying abroad in Ireland.

Eligibility Criteria to Study in Ireland for Indian Students.

  • You must have scored at least 60% in your last qualifying examination.
  • Must clear English proficiency test: IELTS or TOEFL
  • You need to have three years of experience as an accountant or auditor before applying for this course (or two years of experience and two years of training).

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How Much Does It Cost to Study in Ireland?

The cost of studying in Ireland depends on your chosen course. You can expect to pay between €2,000 and €7,000 per year for a system that lasts two years or more. Students studying for degrees are eligible for student loans to help them with their studies.

When determining whether or not you want to study in Ireland, it would be beneficial to consider the expense of living there. The average monthly rent for an apartment in Dublin is €1,500. However, this can vary greatly depending on where you live—if you reside outside of Dublin, it might only be €700!

Financial Aid to Study in Ireland for Indian Students

The Irish government scholarship is available for students from developing countries. It is awarded to those who have studied in Ireland or passed an examination, covering tuition fees, accommodation, and travel expenses.

The scholarship will be renewed if you continue your studies at the same institution or transfer to another university within three years of graduating from your undergraduate course. You must also apply for renewal before this period ends (unless you already have a degree). If no vacancies are available when you apply again, the funding may be withdrawn from your account until one becomes available again – so make sure that everything about your application is perfect on time!

Living Costs You Can Expect While Studying in Ireland

Living costs in Ireland are high, and you must budget accordingly. You can expect to spend approximately $8,000 per year on accommodation, food, and other expenses. The cost of living is higher than in other European countries, but this does not mean you have to cut back on your lifestyle or education. It is important for international students not to conform to the stereotype of being broke or struggling financially because this could affect their chances of finding employment after graduation from college or university.


The above guide clarifies that studying in Ireland is a great opportunity for Indian students. You can get a top education here, earn a good salary, and enjoy a student lifestyle. The cost of studying is low compared to any other country, and the weather is very pleasant. Also, many opportunities are available after graduation with good job prospects in Ireland. 

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