Guide to Muslim Education

Australia can offer a lot of universities for students who want to advance their education, but others are still searching for Islamic schools because they are more convenient. See more about Islam and what it means when you’re in other countries when you click here.

At a macro level, these institutions recognize the religious and social context in which many Muslims are living. There are a lot of benefits for people who want to enrol in these schools, like getting a network of contacts that can be beneficial in their later lives, the freedom to speak what they want, more comfort in practising their religion, and the various opportunities for wealth.

Individuals also have a lot of desire to get in touch with a large Islamic community, especially if they are in a foreign country. There might be an Ummah or community of believers that younger adults will want to connect to. Children value their spiritual lives, and they can appreciate it better when they can learn more knowledge and pray in the same congregation with their friends and family.

Islamic Colleges: A Comprehensive Guide to Muslim Education in Melbourne

Various cities like Melbourne can be right for everyone who wants low-cost tuition and wants Islamic education at the same time. Students can also get exposed to diverse values and cultures when they can start young.

Schools like these can offer a good environment where anyone can do their best, and the capacity can be more than a thousand students with over a hundred instructors that can cater to their needs. Ones like Ilim College are very dedicated to exploring the skills and potential of the students enrolled in them. Expect that the journey with the right schools will be rewarding, fulfilling, and compassionate. Respect, integrity, and excellence are also being fostered in these education systems so everyone can learn more with them.

Prestigious educational institutions and systems are also present, and they have a dire need of accepting Muslim students, but they are mostly concerned with their academic results. Younger generations can find brilliance in them, and the goal is to improve each individual’s understanding, discipline, and overall concept of what they generally mean in their society as a whole. Some websites can offer their addresses, contact numbers, and email so you can also see their tuition range and the classes available.

Islamic Values In The Community

Muslims are guided by the teachings from the Quran, and they essentially guide people on how they should maintain their social relationships, family lives, and development in the community. Fortunately, some of the schools in Australia also teach these, and here are some of them.

Tawhid – Oneness of God in Islam, and it’s one of the most vital concepts in this religion. It consists of the people’s submission and their declaration of their beliefs that there’s only a single divine being that’s worthy of their faith. It’s uncompromising, but it also avoids worshipping multiple gods, including striving for social status and money.

Taqwa – Forbearance, being conscious and fearing Allah is the motivation for these values. It seeks to please God in everything, including in all aspects of one’s life. Protection against evil deeds and sin and gaining security against enemies are also being practised in this value.

Ihsan – Pursuing excellence in all aspects of life, including education, is a must, and this can also mean being righteous. In this religion, this is one of the highest forms of worship that schools are promoting. It’s not only limited to salat and fasting but seeking Ihsan in charity, knowledge, and even slaughtering an animal is a must.

Tools like grade point averages and test scores are often a measurement where the students can see if they are making efforts in the right direction. One of its primary purposes is to please Allah and get rewarded here on earth and in the afterlife.

Rahma – Translated as mercy, this is often characterized by showing kindness and love towards other people. Allah is seen as forgiving but nurturing at the same time. The central theme is compared to a mother’s love, and no one can match these emotions, except, God.

Why Be Specific When Attending Schools?

Some people can make a lot of assumptions about something that they don’t understand. Faculties can also become stereotyped, and they might have limited knowledge of Muslim education. Enrolling in a non-Muslim school will make it harder for anyone to adjust, and others assume that those with different religions can’t speak English fluently.

However, this is not the case at all, as many are born in Australia, and only a fraction of Muslims come from Arab-speaking nations. Other than that, there are also Aboriginal, Haitian, Russian, British, American, and Mexican Muslims. 

Grouping a minority of these people in a perceived “box” by others is unfair. Know that concepts like astronomy, philosophy, algebra, decimals, etc., came from the Islam world and the Quran puts a lot of emphasis on curiosity and discovery.

Religious holidays are also emphasized more where the Eid-ul-Adha and Eid-ul-Fitr are celebrated (Learn more about Islamic holidays here: Ramadan and the conclusion of the Hajj pilgrimage are being observed, and everyone has the flexibility to do what they need during such religious holidays. There are no worries about laboratories, exams, and important lectures being held on Eid, and faculties wouldn’t need to overlook the fasting that many are going through on special occasions from sunrise to sunset every single day.

Islam has tenets as well, and this includes praying five times a day. Each of them needs to complete it before the sun rises, at noon, during sunsets, afternoons, and at night. 

When enrolling at these prestigious schools in Melbourne, the Asr and Dhuhr are already understood, and there is no need to be in awkward situations where professors or other students can walk in on someone in deep prayer and get confused. Becoming comfortable and having a safe space is very important to a lot of people, and this can benefit them in the long run.

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