Vs Which One Is Better?

Content is a powerful tool to reach the audience and readers are always attracted by fresh, updated, and new ideas.

Creating high-quality and refreshing content has become the order of the day. As if the content is only a few months old, you will lose readers at an alarming rate.

There are two major concerns in the digital world that we face today:

  1. Content quality – 65% of digital marketers find it hard to generate high-quality content. 
  2. Content quantity – 60% of digital marketers are unable to generate content consistently. 

In today’s digital age, paraphrasing tools have made content creation easier. Not only do they help improve the quality of content, but they also allow users to create content in bulk. 

It is difficult to find the right tool to rely on. 

So, if you are looking for free paraphrasing tools to update old content, generate fresh ideas, and save time, we have two options for you. and 

Both offer unlimited free paraphrasing and if you cannot decide on one, this article is for you. 

In this article, we will compare both tools and find out which one is best for you. 

So, buckle up and get started with us!

What Is is a web-based AI paraphrasing tool. The team at ASK SEO created this website as a complete set of writing tools to help writers around the world. These tools include: 

  • Paraphrasing tool
  • Plagiarism checker 
  • Grammar checker 
  • Translator 

The paraphrasing tool is the main tool and one of the best-rated tools with thousands of users worldwide.

It is equally useful for students, writers, bloggers, researchers, and teachers.

It is an advanced paraphrasing tool that offers unique and outstanding features not found in any other paraphrasing tool such as its paraphrasing modes and free usage.

You only enter the text, choose the paraphrasing mode and it will rephrase the entered text in a blink of an eye. 

What Is is also an online paraphrasing tool that rephrases text into a new version. It is a free paraphrasing tool that paraphrases text using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Unlike, the website offers the paraphrasing tool only. It does not have any other writing tool to offer its users. is a simple yet automated content rephrase tool that starts working only when you type or directly copy and paste the text from a source (online or offline). 

So, those are the definitions of and Now we will go into detail about the features and functionality of both tools to help you make the right choice. 

We have taken a small piece of text from the Internet to test the functionality of both tools. So, here we go! vs – Services

The is a complete package that offers different writing services: 

Paraphrasing tool 

The paraphrasing tool is smart and clever and delivers accurate results. 

This AI-based paraphrasing tool allows its users to generate a new text from an existing text using six different modes. 

All you need to do is open the tool, copy the text into the input field and select the mode. Here are its six paraphrasing modes:

Paraphrasing Tool UI

Text improver: 

This is the default mode of, which is displayed right after the website is opened. As the name suggests, it improves the text quality, which further improves the readability of the text. 

Near human: 

You can select this mode to rephrase text that sounds like it was written by a human writer. Few changes are made to the entered text in a professional way and no one can recognize it as a robot text. 

Plagiarism remover: 

When you reword text using this mode, you get plagiarism-free results. It rewrites the text by making sufficient changes that leave no room for any kind of plagiarism.


It is the only mode that makes more changes to the original text than any other mode. This is done by replacing words and phrases with the most imaginative substitutes. claims that this mode transforms your text in the most creative way.

Academic: calls this mode the best free alternative to Quillbot. It modifies the entered text in the most official way, so it is best for academic writing. 

Sentence rephraser:

This intelligent mode paraphrases the text at the sentence level. This means that you can paraphrase a paragraph sentence by sentence. The best thing about this mode is that it offers a list of paraphrased sentences to choose from. In this mode, users have complete control over their texts.

Plagiarism Checker offers a free plagiarism checker that identifies the similarities in the entered text. This plagiarism checker compares your text with the billions of online papers stored in its advanced algorithms. 

Grammar checker 

The grammar checker thoroughly analyzes the entered text and highlights all grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. It also suggests corrections to make your text error-free. 

Summarizer’s Summarizer summarizes long articles and essays, helping the audience understand the main idea. 


Besides the writing wizard, also offers its users a translation tool that translates texts into different languages. is a free website that offers no writing tool other than a paraphrasing tool.

Paraphrasing tool 

Its paraphrasing tool is the main and only tool that offers its users three basic modes to paraphrase text. UI | Vs Which One Is Better?

Low – makes few changes, changing synonyms to improve the text. 

Medium – makes more changes than a low mode to rewrite the text. 

High – rewrites the text in a completely new way.

Final Verdict offers a complete toolkit for users. However, offers only a paraphrasing service. 

Moreover, offers more writing modes than 

So, we can say that wins because of its more services. vs – Plagiarism results

To check the uniqueness of the results of both tools, we paraphrased the same text using random modes to see if it contains plagiarism in it. 

See how the test goes:’s Remove Plagiarism Mode: UI | Vs Which One Is Better?

Plagiarism results by Copyscape: 

CopyScape’s High Mode: 

Free Paraphraser | Vs Which One Is Better?

Plagiarism results by Copyscape: 

CopyScape Premium

Since this mode does not make major changes to the entered text, plagiarism showed up.

Final Verdict

To provide plagiarism-free results, wins here. vs – Readability Score

After checking the two tools for plagiarism, we checked the readability of the same text with the free Hemingway Editor. 

We took the paraphrased text from and and then ran it through the app to assess readability. 

First, however, it was important to check the readability score of the original text:

The readability of the original text was given a score of grade 12. Now we will run the spun text through the editor to see if it helps in improving the readability.

Sidenote: The lower grade readability indicates the better results as the goal of writing is to make it understandable for readers of all levels. So, lower the readability grade, better the content quality. 

Readability score of tool lowers the degree of readability by one grade. 

Readability score of Vs Which One Is Better?

This paraphrasing tool does not make any changes in the level of readability. 

Final Verdict

When it comes to readability rating, makes the text easier to read and lowers the readability to one level. 

However, maintains the same readability score, indicating that the tool does not change the readability of the text. 

Again, wins this category. vs – Text Accuracy 

To check the text accuracy in the results of the two tools, we took the original text and optimized it to a 100 score on Grammarly. 

Then we use both tools to paraphrase this optimized text and run it through Grammarly.

Here is the result: 

Text Accuracy Grammarly score: 

We rephrased the Grammarly-optimized text with a score of 100 in creative mode and checked its accuracy by passing it through Grammarly again. 

Grammar Check

Grammarly checked: 

Grammarly UI Grammarly score: 

We did the same with But the accuracy rate drops to 95, indicating that this tool does not do well in terms of accuracy.


Final Verdict

In the Grammarly test results, scored superior in accuracy, performance and punctuation. vs Pricing

Both tools are completely free, but offers more free services like better word count, more paraphrasing modes, and perfect results. 

As for the prices, both tools are free.

Advantages and disadvantages of and 


  1. offers the best AI-based writing tools. 
  2. Its paraphrasing tool helps you rephrase text using its six different modes.
  3. It displays a list of synonyms and definitions of the selected words. 
  4. Its paraphrasing tool generates attractive titles based on the context of the entered text. 
  5. It is absolutely free to use 
  6. This paraphrasing tool allows rephrasing 1000 words in one run. 
  7. It also generates a short overview of the rephrased text.

  1. offers the only paraphrasing tool that is used to rewrite the text. 
  2. It also offers three different paraphrasing modes that let users rephrase text according to their requirements. 


Not found any. 

  1. It offers limited paraphrasing modes. 
  2. It does not produce plagiarism-free results. 
  3. The paraphrased text may have errors in it. 
  4. The spun text requires proofreading. vs Final Words

Advanced paraphrasing tool has made rewriting a breeze. There are numerous online rewriting tools that can help you rewrite your text more efficiently. 

However, many do not deliver what they promise.

Even if you have decades of writing experience, you may sometimes experience writer’s block. Below is our verdict on choosing the best paraphrasing tool between and to speed up the writing process while maintaining quality. 

We compared both tools in terms of readability, absence of plagiarism, and accuracy of results. And in all these categories, remains the winner due to its intuitive features and functions.

So yes! is better. 

In the end, we recommend that you do not rely too much on paraphrasing tools. Use the paraphrasing tool only to help yourself write when you get stuck.

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