PLC Programming from SCRATCH in Under 1 Hour!

PLC Programming from SCRATCH in Under 1 Hour!


Perfect for beginners, those with absolutely no experience, and those who simply want to get started on PLC Programming

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↪ What You Will Learn?

◆ Clear beginners’ doubts on PLC programming
◆ Purpose of PLC programming
◆ Hardware configuration
◆ Programming using Ladder language
◆ Simulation
◆ Function Call

Course Content


  • Hardware – Computer (e.g. Desktop or Laptop)
  • Software Simatic Manager – Step 7


This FREE course teaches you how to build (AND TEST!!) a simple shutter program from scratch, starting from hardware configuration, to building your first rung of logic, to completing a basic shutter with manual open and close control, to verifying and validating your logic with the built-in simulator. 

You shall also learn to enhance the logic through self-holding and timer delaying actions.

What’s more?  You will learn to use Function Calls to create an additional shutter control within minutes!!

Find out if PLC programming is for you!

↪ Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in PLC programming
  • Automation students
  • Anyone planning to set foot in the industrial automation field
  • Any instructor looking for tutoring material

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