Survival Tips If You Hate Your Job and Workplace

Work-life balance in corporate culture is typically viewed it a myth.  A perfect alignment of the two is about impossible.

Unfortunately, many of us lack balance and start hating our jobs. You count down the minutes until you can leave for home, walking into your workplace often makes you feel frustrated and miserable.

If you so much hate your corporate job then either you are planning to resign or survive till things get on track.

But how do you stay sane to survive the period of ‘I hate my new job‘? So, here in this guide, you can look up some of the tips for surviving the job and workplace you hate.

Tips For Survival: Job And Workplace

  1. Be patient with your work and workplace. Success might not appear magically overnight, especially for work progress or promotions. Unfortunately, the wheels of business do not move as fast as we would like, and so you may have to prove your worth before you get to your desired promotions. 
  1. Realize your career will be a series of choices, not “A” choice. Learn new skills that are transferable out of that job and roll them into something you DO enjoy doing. Developing a new skill set can help you with your current position and can be an addition to your future profile.
  1. Build a good network. In school, this was making friends but in a business context, you build a network. When you have a “spiderweb” of colleagues in your network, work and life prospects will come your way much more easily since these are the people who can and want to help you.
  1. Think strategically and plan ahead. Career development, whether internal or external, is like chess. It requires thinking and planning, as well as a lot of what-if scenarios. Unfortunately, none of this is simple, but success takes effort. 

Regardless of your present position, it is critical to consider not just the tactical elements of your role, but also the strategic overlay and how it fits into the larger plan of your professional life. 

The world in which you will live in five years will be the one you create now.

  1. Practice gratitude. It will help you survive the feeling of “I hate my job what should I do?”. Take a break if you have an especially bad day. Your job is just a job and it doesn’t need to define you. Try to make the most of your current opportunity before you decide to move on. 

Key Pointers

Learning the ins and outs of a new job and climbing the social ladder of a company may take more effort than predicted. It can get demotivating to keep working despite not seeing any progress. However, there can be more to your job beneath all the negatives. 

With a positive attitude and the skill you possess, it won’t be long until you glance around the room and at your coworkers. Here are some takeaways from survival at the first job.

  • Think wisely and plan for your career prospects beforehand  
  • Learn new skills to add to your skillset and let your resume shine
  • Keep patience, your hard will pay for your career growth and your future employers will commend your dedication

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