5 Tips for Students to Study at Home in the Pandemic

The whole world is on lockdown for the past 6-8 months. We are all homebound and nowhere to go, and this time the situation is different. The way we approach our studies this time is totally different. This article will highlight some of the best 4 tips for students like you to study at home in the pandemic.

Whether it may be your school exams or college end-semester exams, or exams like GATE, CAT, GMAT. Before the pandemic, we were used to following the same pattern which we were following for years, but this time I guess it has to change.

Due to the pandemic, since the classes are commenced in an online mode and exams are to be scheduled in an online format, MCQs (multiple choice question), everything is changed. So, some tips below for students to study at home can help you to ease out and increase your focus on your studies.

So, here are 5 tips for students that you can follow to keep up with your study in the pandemic:

1. Observation Overrules Memorization

This time observation overrules memorization. Observing every tiny detail in the textbook is now important compared to how we just tried to understand the concept.

It’s okay if you don’t remember the whole chapter, you just

  • Highlight the key points, formula, theorems, values, etc, and
  • Go through it again and again which will help you in understanding the concept & remembering the important points
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2. Practice and think smartly

Practice all the problems of maths, physics or whatever subjects you may have which involves practice ( i.e. practicing of sums ).

It might be an MCQ exam but you need to get the answers by solving. This time there won’t be marks for your steps but only the end product. So practice is a must!

3. Don’t panic

Yes, I do know in just a flash everything feels different now, our study pattern, our way of living, interaction, stress and many others.

But, look we are all into this together. Everyone around the globe are facing the same problem.

So, it’s now the time to shine and adapt to the changes that are presented to us. Let it be a new study format, no worries, remember the style of studies remains the same.

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4. Focus

Concentration or Focus is the most important thing here.

Make a timetable and stick to it. It will be hard in the beginning, but just make sure every time you just feel distracted, ask yourself one thing “Why did you start, in the 1st place?”. It just takes 7 days for a person to stick to his/her timetable, it will be tough in the beginning but you will get through it.

5. Reward Yourself

This pandemic has affected in many ways and mostly it has affected everybody’s mental health.

Adapt this tip in your regular studies and see the changes. For example, if you planned to study chemistry for 1 hour and you succeed in studying it for one hour without any distraction.

Reward yourself by self appreciating yourself in front of a mirror or listen to some beautiful music once you finish your specific task. These small things would change your mentality and will make you see everything positively.

So this was all, hope these 5 tips for students to study at home, find you, and help you in your studies in this pandemic situation. Do comment, if you are having difficulties in your study, we make sure to reply all the comments.

Thank you.

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