How To Create An Impactful Video Resume For Your Next Job


Video Resumes work wonders and create good impressions on the viewers. A video resume is a video recorded by a candidate looking for employment. These Video Resumes are shared on social platforms/job portals with the help of online resume makers. The resumes can also be sent personally to the recruiter to review and shortlist. Like old-fashioned resume documents, all the relevant information is provided in the video, such as name, address, skills set, experience, hobbies, projects, etc. Candidates can shoot them professionally, highlighting the core personality with the help of clarity, crisp communication, and straightforwardness.

Several online resume makers provide free services for making video resumes for the candidates. These services provide suitable templates and layouts for the candidates. If any candidate is camera shy, there is no reason to be worried. There are ways like animation where the candidate does not have to show their face directly. 

What are the benefits of Video Resumes?

What is the whole point of taking so much effort and making a video, you ask! Companies/Employers crave creativity, and Video Resumes provide them with the needed thing. Traditional Resumes can be creative. However, there is some kind of personal touch while making Video Resumes.

Know the benefits of shooting a Video Resumes are: 

  • Personalized format: Candidates typically prepare a single resume for all the companies they tend to apply for, failing to consider the personal research needed to be done, company’s values and culture, etc. Not getting to know the company personally is the reason why multiple opportunities are missed by the applicants. Personalization can be achieved easily by Video Resumes. There are many video resume tools available to make work easier.  
  • Better assessment method: Candidates have complete control of their video resume application quality. It gives the candidate the authority to make it more refined and confidently highlight the required skills. Since this is the quickest way to get noticed by the recruiters, they can access the candidate’s communication skills and confidence.
  • Short and Creative: Since recruiters work on a very tight schedule, they do not have the time to check lengthy resume documents, so the more the Video resumes are brief and creative, the more are the chances of getting shortlisted. Video resumes generally should not be longer than 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  • Easy Application method: Numerous online platforms have begun with the hiring race with the help of video resumes. Many employers are seeking creative candidates, and they typically prefer video resumes. Online Resume makers provide better facilities for ones who want to create Video resumes.

There are several more benefits of using Video resumes, like sharing them all over the internet and being seen anywhere and anytime. Consider the video resume as a mini job interview. The way the candidate chooses the clothing, language, attitude, and subject matter should be appropriate for the interview.

Steps to create an impactful video resume : 

Let’s look at the essential and correct measures to keep in mind while making/shooting attractive Video resumes. 

  • Prepare a Great Script: Taking the recruiters by the edge of the seat should be the goal of every applicant. The candidates should make an attractive opening statement to get the recruiter’s attention in the first place. 

Preparing a script and simply narrating it like a story won’t work. The script should be delivered with much more compassion and creativity.  

Include all the relevant skills and the stories/experience of learning them. This will make more sense, as you will take them on a tour of your professional life. Project types, achievements, objectives, overall skills, and technical skills will help them understand you better. This will connect with them on an individual level. 

  • Make a professional and interactive video: Avoid making the Video Resume monotonous and amp it up by adding interactive and exciting remarks. The video should be proficient with specific bullet points yet entertaining to watch. The agenda is that recruiters should find the video attractive and not think twice about contacting you.
  • Make an impactful appearance: Videos can bring messages to life with attractive visuals. Starting with a catchy and prepared introduction gives the video a much-needed kick start. Candidates can dress up for the Video shoot as well. This will greatly impact it as it will show an added effort for the video. Depending on the stream you are applying for, the dress code can be casual, semi-casual, or formal. A general tip for a better-looking Video is to choose colors for your dresses that contrast your background wall. This will make you look more noticeable. Colors should be picked up carefully, avoiding funky colors like neon.
  • Pay closer attention to Body language and gestures: Body language can be essential to touch upon while making a video. It is a range of nonverbal communication that you can use to convey your message to the recruiter. Proper body language includes straight and welcoming posture, cheerful facial expressions, and warm hand gestures. If only your face is visible, give away all the required expressions to strengthen it more.  
  • Choose the appropriate software: Select user-friendly software and provide facilities like giving you multiple retakes and rates it by giving feedback. Software should provide a facility to type/copy and paste the content of your script on the platform so that it will be easier for you to refer to the notes and start recording.
  • Select the right type of Video Resume: Our brain works uniquely. It makes the reading of the text by itself far less memorable than something imagery. Hence, combining something visual with your ideas and messages is always better. Exciting animations and graphics help the recruiter concentrate more on your Video Resume. 

The applicant can decide among many types of Video Resumes and be creative. Select something that can combine relevant data and information without confusing the recruiter and making your objective more straightforward. Include elements, photos, charts, numbers, and animated pictures to make it look compelling. Add some information about you concisely rather than in a traditional slide-by-slide transition video. Animated, stop-motion, or white-board videos are types where you can get innovative and create something fresh.

  • Retakes make the video perfect: People who are camera shy or do not have the confidence to hear their voice on the Video may face issues while recording a video resume. Yet without losing hope, every video shoot will teach you something about yourself and make you better at it. So, the more the retakes, the better your video will be. Note that improvisation in your script should be allowed to sound more spontaneous.

Final Words:

There is an excellent opportunity to establish a strong connection with the recruiter via a Video resume. Recruiters will be witnessing the candidate’s real-time emotions, face, and voice rather than reading a two-page descriptive document of their career. Appearance, hand gestures, words used, moves, dress, the tune, and the way the person speaks tell a lot about the personality, which can help indicate if they can be a good fit for the position. An impactful video can land you a dream job, so buck up and get creative.

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