Network Ethical Hacking for beginners (Kali 2020 – Hands-on)

Network Ethical Hacking for beginners (Kali 2020 – Hands-on)

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Learn How Hackers Think, Hack, & Secure Your System Like Security Experts, Ethical Hacking, Kali 2020, Cyber Security.

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● Created by Hamza Sheikh

Ethical Hacking

↪ What You Will Learn?

◆ These Course subtitles are available in these languages: English – Spanish – Arabic – Turkish – Portuguese – French – Chinese – German – Greek – Italian – Russian.
◆ How to Sniff Data from the network you hacked.
◆ How to attack any close wireless network and get all details about it.
◆ How to perform a fake-authentication attack to target router without even knowing the password of the target network.
◆ How to keep yourself protected from the above mentioned attacks
◆ How to Hack the Wi-Fi passwords for WEP, WPA, and WPA2.
◆ How to use Linux commands & how to interact with the command terminal.
◆ How to scan network for more details about connected devices.
◆ How to use many tools, tricks and techniques to hack networks.
◆ How to hack Mic, Camera, and Keyboard keys (Key Logger).

◆ How to change your system MAC address (Spoof) to stay anonymous.
◆ How to hack wireless networks to step by step.
◆ How to generate your own viruses.
◆ How to gain access to remote computers.
◆ How to perform De-Authentication attacks without even knowing the password of the target network.
◆ How to Perform (word list) Attacks to get passwords.
◆ How to get comfortable with Kali Linux by getting the important required commands
◆ How to perform an ARP spoofing attack to be the man in the middle MITM to intercept user names and passwords.
◆ How to know who is connected to the network you hacked.
◆ How to hide your virus in any other file extension (jpg, pdf, docx, xlsx..)
◆ Much other cool stuff about network hacking.
◆ How to perform an ARP attack without even knowing the password of the target network.

Course Content


  • Love to learn to hack.
  • Basic IT Skills.
  • Computer with 4GB memory minimum.
  • For WiFi cracking – Wireless adapter.

By completing this course, you will be able to read and write basic and complex SQL queries using MySQL.This course gives you hands-on and practical experience on the world’s most popular RDBMS databases like MySQL. These skills are also applicable to any other RDMBS  databases (Like Oracle, MS SQL Server, SQLite, etc). You will do several practical projects with MySQL, PHP & Python. 

Learning both SQL is one of the fastest ways to improve your career. Hope this course will be used as a helping hand for your prospective career. Please dig on free preview videos for more information.


Welcome to the Network Ethical Hacking course!

This Course subtitles are available with the following languages: English – Spanish – Arabic – Turkish – Russian – French – Chinese – German – Greek – Italian -Portuguese.

Hacking is a science similar to any other science. In this course I am going to show you the basics of hacking which will support you to start by yourself to develop your hacking skills to an advanced level. This course considers you have No prior knowledge in hacking or in Linux operating system, & by the end of it you’ll be able to hack systems like great hackers and keep yourself secured like security experts!

This course is practical but it will not ignore the theory. We will start with Kali Linux basics, then will try to make you comfortable with Linux environment. Then we will learn how to install the needed software (VirtualBox, Kali Linux, Windows 10) as virtual machines then we will start the hacking adventure.

The course is divided into 5 sections, (IntroductionPre-Attack PhaseAttack PhasePost-Attack Phase, and How to Keep Yourself Protected).


↪ Who this course is for:

  • Hackers
  • Anyone loves hacking
  • Ethical hackers
  • Security guys
  • Security engineers
  • Pen. testers

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