Space Opera – Are We Living It Unknowingly? Does Alien Really Exist?

When was the last time we had a normal surprise-less year? Can’t find one, do you know why? Well, because we haven’t had one. Every year to every month to every day to every minute has always been surprising, human race has always been writing new and rewriting its old theory where some go true at the same time another goes wrong.

So here I want to tell you about something that has been true for a long time but yet we have collectively failed to notice. Yes, I am speaking about Space Opera.

Space Opera – “Unkown”

Outer Space is actually not space, there are a lot of things that occupy the space. We have 2 trillion galaxies, I billion trillion stars, and 8 active planets known. We could be living a part of a huger world without even understanding it.

Just hearing this thought makes us go fanatic. We have lost 15 astronauts and 4 cosmonauts in our space exploring lifetime. But what we do not understand is that our imaginations are facts bound and our facts are data-bound and we have very little data of the celestial world.


Just think what if they are not lost and what if they have found the love of their life away from where we are now and they wanted to leave the world behind willingly.

Yes, these things seem very believable even when we look from a fact constrained vision.

Does anyone know?

There are two sections of the population in this case in our world. One is the population that knows that we are the weakest link of the space kingdom and the other is the population that is uninformed and still believes that space opera is just a masterclass genre that broke out from a collective effort of creativity.

The first group of people does not want to let the world involve in space warfare and be active participants because they know that we are well behind in technology or warfare in the current situation.

So they are trying their best to keep themselves hidden from the superior neighbors. Maybe the fact that we are less important or nearly useless to the other species living around us has kept the mission of self-hiding very successful.

Unfortunately, all that can be done by the uninformed population is to wait for human technology to grow to a state where we will stand a chance to fight and conquer the ragging war happening literally above our heads or maybe below our feet.

Hold tight with me, we are soon to realize the heat of space war and the breeze of space love. A time will come when we will give up on the worldly pleasure and sorrows just to attain the outer world’s love, sorrow, war, pain, pleasure, invasion, and a lot more.


Let me know in the comment what you think about us sharing a world with other aliens. Also, share with friends who believe that we live in a space opera.


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