What is Data Science? Things You Need to Know About Data Science

“What is Data Science?”

In simple terms, Data Science is all about solving problems using the power of data.

William.S a statistician in 2001 coined the word “Data Science” to describe an age-old integral part of statistics which he believed had greater potential to grow into an individual sector providing huge job opportunities in the future. 

And this is what happened, data science exploded into popularity in 2010 and powered professionals to analyze big data, & hence a rise in job opportunities.

If I have to answer the question “What is Data Science?” in detailed manner, then it would be —

Data Science deals with the art of collecting, organizing interpreting, and representing structured and unstructured data. It is a young subject formed by the unification of other domains like Data Engineer, Math, Statistics, Advanced computing, Visualisation, Programming, and Domain Expertise.

It all happened due to the evolution of big data. It has been the fuel for the development of data science. Data Science is all about solving problems using the power of data. The main role of a data scientist is to scrutinize data and extract information from the data and utilize it to solve problems.

The step involved are

  • Defining the problem statement
  • Data collection
  • Data quality check and remediation
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Data modeling
  • Data communication


The term was taken from the book “DATA  SCIENCE: An Action Plan for Expanding the Technical Areas of the Field of Statistics” by Williams.S.Cleveland. Later in April 2020, the International council released CODATA a Data science journal.

In the late 80s, hard disks became cheap and huge companies started reliving on hard disks to accumulate data. This let to the term big data which means a huge collection of data’s. The companies felt that the data must not just be stored and rather must be used in some ways and this thought lead to the popularisation of data science.

Programming Languages

Python is a very effective programming language with simple syntax. It is the most preferred language among the data scientist community. It’s similarity towards human language and user-friendly nature are the primary reasons.

R is said to be the language of statistic and data mining and hence is also among one of the top preferred languages by a data scientist.

Julia is another high-level language well suited for the numerical operation and computational science.

Techniques Used

  • Linear regression: Used to find proper relations between data points.
  • Logistic regression: A statistical method used to predict data value based on prior available data.
  • Support vector machine: Supervised machine learning algorithm used for classification or regression problems.
  • Clustering: It is an unsupervised learning method used in data science. Clustering analysis can be used to gain insights on data by understanding in which data group they fall.
  • Dimensionality reduction: These are used for data visualization. It is to simplify a classification and regression dataset.
  • Machine learning: It helps analysis of huge chunks of data and understands them in a better manner.

Why Become A Data Scientist?

  • Developing job opportunities: The job opportunities in the field are steadily going up the hill. There is a huge void in the positions due to a lack of proper skillset and qualified professionals in the field.
  • Interesting job role: Data science deals with varied and interesting problems and hence gives a data scientist lots of interesting sections to learn from.
  • Flexible learning method: If one holds a proper bachelor’s degree then he can pick courses to become a data scientist as per one’s convenience. It doesn’t demand a proper full-length classroom learning experience.
  • Becoming data-driven: A data scientist becomes a data-driven thinker without even his own knowledge. It helps one to make educated analysis in every aspect of life.
  • Diverse: The field demands a different skill set and hence a person who works in the field has to be well and highly updated. And this makes one’s skill base strong.


Summing up

Data science has now evolved to be a giant sector in the job market with a lack of properly skilled professionals. This program provides an insight into the field through the course it offers. Starting from certification course in python to the advanced level of Microsoft data science certification. These are the best set of tools a beginner can ever get in this field.

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