Q. 3. Explain the various addressing modes of 8085 with example

Answer : These are various technique to specify data for instruction Direct addressing mode Register addressing mode Register addressing mode Immediate addressing mode Implicit addressing mode   Direct addressing mode : In this addressing mode the address of the operand is given in the instruction. Ex: STA 2000H &IN 02H  Register addressing mode: In this … Read more

Q.2. With neat diagram explain interrupt structure of 8085.

Interrupts are the signals generated by the external devices to request the microprocessor to perform a task. There are 5 interrupt signals, i.e. TRAP, RST 7.5, RST 6.5, RST 5.5, and INTR. Interrupt are classified into following groups based on their parameter : Vector interrupt : In this type of interrupt, the interrupt address is … Read more

Q.1. Draw and explain timing diagram for ‘Write operation’ in minimum mode of 8086.

Answer : The timing diagram for write operation in minimum mode is shown in fig above: When processor is ready to initiate the bus cycle, it applies a pulse to ALE during T1. Before the falling edge of ALE, the address, BHE, M/IO, DEN and DT/R must be stable i.e. DEN = high and DT/R … Read more