The Amish Schoolhouse

The Amish Schoolhouse is a unique place where children can learn and grow. The schoolhouse is a simple structure, usually one room, with windows and a door. The Amish use this type of schoolhouse because they believe it is more important for the community to be together than for the individual to be separate. There are no computers or technology in the Amish Schoolhouse, but plenty of books exist.

The Amish schoolhouse curriculum

The Amish Schoolhouse is a unique place where children learn academics and life skills. The curriculum is focused on the community and family, and students learn to work together and be self-sufficient.

The Amish schoolhouse is a simple building, usually one room with a stove for heat in the winter. There are no computers or technology, and books are hand-written and passed down from generation to generation.

The Amish believe education should be lifelong, so even after students finish their schooling at age 15 or 16, they continue to learn through apprenticeships and on-the-job training.

The Amish school day

School days for the Amish start early, with students rising at dawn to do their chores. By 7 a.m., they’re in the one-room schoolhouse, where they spend the next six hours learning reading, writing, and arithmetic. There’s no time for recess or gym class – it’s straight academics from beginning to end. After school, it’s back to work on the ranch or in the family business until dinner time. It’s a demanding schedule, but it has kept the Amish community alive and thriving for centuries.

The Amish teacher

The Amish Schoolhouse is a unique place where children are taught to value hard work, simple living, and faith. The Amish community has a long tradition of education, and the Amish teacher is an integral part of that tradition.

The Amish schoolhouse is a one-room building where children of all ages are taught together. The teacher is responsible for teaching all subjects, including reading, writing, math, science, and history. The school day begins with devotional time, followed by lessons in each subject.

The Amish teacher must be a good role model for the students. They must be hardworking and honest in everything they do. The teacher must also be patient and kind, as well as have a deep understanding of the Amish way of life.

The Amish school year

The Amish school year typically runs from early September to the end of May. School is usually in session five days a week, with a half-day on Wednesdays.

Most Amish children attend one-room schoolhouses within walking distance of their homes. Class sizes are small, with an average of 15 students per class.

Teachers are often Amish women who have completed the eighth grade and received additional training through teacher institutes or workshops. The curriculum focuses on the basics of reading, writing, and math.


The Amish schoolhouse is a unique and essential part of the Amish community. It is a place where children can learn about their culture and heritage and where they can form lasting friendships. The schoolhouse is also vital to the Amish economy, as it employs many Amish adults.

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