[Updated] SGPA / CGPA to Percentage Conversion 2022 – DBATU University (Revised 2019-20)

SGPA / CGPA to Percentage Conversion (Absolute Grading System): Almost every university grades students with CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) and SGPA (Semester Grade Point Average). If you apply for an undergraduate course, you will have come across this a lot. Here, we will be focusing on DBATU University – SGPA / CGPA to Percentage Conversion.

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SGPA is a grade which you receive in each semesters and CGPA is a cumulative or in simple times SGPA’s of all semesters are combined together to form a single grade.

Nowadays, if you looking for a job or going for higher studies, the companies/institutes ask what percentage you have received in your undergraduate degree. And suppose if you received 9/10 pointer and wrote 90%, then it may be wrong, as every university has a conversion formula. Here, below is an online tool SGPA / CGPA to Percentage Conversion – for DBATU University Only (Absolute Grading System).


SGPA / CGPA to Percentage Conversion Online Free Tool

Enter CGPA / SGPA (between 0 to 10):

Your Percentage is :

SGPA / CGPA to Percentage Conversion Formula

The CGPA to Percentage conversion formula for the above online tool is: Percentage of Marks = (CGPA – 0.5) x 10

Some Examples:

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)Percentage of Marks (%)

The candidates who successfully complete all course/curriculum requirements of B.Tech Programs shall be awarded class as specified below.

  1. Those who score CGPA of 8.25 and above shall be awarded First Class with Distinction.
  2. Those who score CGPA of 6.50 and above but below 8.00 shall be awarded First Class.
  3. Those who score CGPA below 6.50 shall be awarded Second Class.

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Comparison Table for the percentage of marks, letter grade and point grade

At present, for B.Tech program, the University has adopted a relative grading system. It is proposed to replace relative grading with absolute grading system as given below:

Percentage of MarksLetter GradeGrade Points

Award of Classes:

The candidates who successfully complete all course/curriculum requirements of B.Tech Programs shall be awarded class as specified below:

CGPA < 5.50Pass Class
5.5 ≤ CGPA < 6.00Second Class
6.0 ≤ CGPA < 7.50First Class
CGPA ≥ 7.50Distinction

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Examination Rules:

  • A student can appear for re-examinations in the subject(s) concerned in which he/she gets “FF” grade.
  • In re-examination, the student will be given one grade lower than the actual performance grade except in the case of Grade “E” which will remain unchanged
  • Students with “FF” grades also have an option to re-register for the subject (s) in which they had failed, in the following Autumn Semester or Spring semester.
  • In such a case they will be entitled to full credit according to performance at the examination.

What is “II” and “XX” Grade?

Incomplete grade ‘II’:

The grade, “II” may be temporarily given to a student who is unable to appear in the End-semester examination because of:

  • Illness or accident or any such misfortune which disables the student from appearing in the examination.
  • A calamity in the family at the time of the examination.

In an exceptional case, if a student is unable to appear at a periodic test for any of the compelling reasons mentioned above, the teacher concerned may conduct a test with the same weightage with the prior information to the of the Head of the Department and CoE.

A student who has been awarded grade “II” in a subject in the end-semester examination shall have the option to either:

  • appear at a re-examination to be held by the Department by filling in the application in prescribed form together with payment of necessary fees.
  • Re-register for the subject in the subsequent semester in which it is offered.

Debarred grade “XX”:

A student may be awarded an “XX” grade who

  • is absent for a major part of a semester (minimum 75% of the lectures or 60% with permission for a valid reason), or
  • does not complete a major part of the laboratory/design/ seminar work (minimum 75% of the duration of 60% with permission with valid reason) etc, or
  • does not appear in the Mid-Term test without any acceptable ground shall be awarded grade “XX‟ and he/she shall be debarred from appearing at the end semester examination of the corresponding subject (s)
  • does not complete 75% of the total credits in the concerned semester.
  • A student who is debarred from appearing at the end-semester examination will be required to re-register for the subject(s) in the next semester when they are offered by the Department, subject to other conditions of the regulations.
  • A student with XX grade in Sem-I or Sem-II of the First year of the Master’s course cannot register for the next academic semester/year.

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Although CGPA will be given in the Semester grade report, the final degree certificate will not mention any Class whatsoever.

All details above are taken from DBATU Official notice, Other Notice – Click Here; Examination Notice Click Here.

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