The Reminiscences of My School Days – Walk Down the Memory Lane

“Dodge,” called out Naghma as a paper ball flew past me. Another one landed on Payal’s lap and a third one missed Pragya by one inch. The class of 63 students had almost transformed into a circus. The class that we once proudly called 10 “C” was enjoying the absence of our computer teacher sir Manish.

Paper planes flew across the class. In short, there was madness all around. In one corner of the class, there were Shristi, Sagarika, Riya singing at the top of their voices, and in the other, there was a silly pen fight going on.

Our class did not lack people who preferred a serious discussion in such times. Shivalik was busy and struggling to explain the complicated laws of physics to Shradha. And the most famous game that we liked to play was truth dare. I, Nidhi, Payal, Shivalik, Garmin, Naghma, Masoom, Gaurav, Avi, Talha, Kushal, and some more everybody were afraid what dare would be the next may be to propose……….

Suddenly, came a familiar gruff voice, “What is going on?” As our respected father James George walked into the room. His inspection of every individual was followed by a long speech. At the back of my mind, something else was going on. How I wished someone would come and say “Go, enjoy your life.” How I miss those days when I used to wake up in the morning hearing”Good -morning” instead of the boring old phrase “You are in class 10 now”.

My stream of thoughts changed its course when he ended his speech saying “What is wrong with you people? You are in class 10 now and would be giving your boards in few months?” Suddenly, it struck me that we were in class 10 now and our school life was coming to an end. The very thought that made me feel nostalgic. I went back to my first day in school. It seemed only yesterday when I took my first step into the school premises and almost decided to turn back. I remember all the faces then new to me. They starred at me inquisitively. As the years rolled by, time changed, and relations too. Those strange and unknown faces are now my closest friends.

Every time I walk down memory lane, my heart fills with boundless joy with the sweet memories of my school days. I remember how Tahseen and Tuba antics would leave us laughing till our stomachs ached. The most interesting moment when all the boys were thrown out of the class for not bringing a FIT book.

On teacher’s day, we used to be almost out of the class till it was over. And I, Nidhi, Naghma, Payal, Garmin, Masoom, Aaditya as multimedia group members would visit the whole school and also bunk classes especially Vijay sir’s class our Hindi teacher though we were his favorite students.

The most gloomy memories are of our break time when I and Payal used to play with water and snatch each other’s lunch. I really miss my mom’s Manchurian, Payal’s mom pau bhaji, Nidhi’s Maggi, Naghma’s paneer, and Shivalik’s pasta. And how can I forget Balbrind Sir, the best class teacher who really played the role of our second parent always motivating and of course I missed his teaching. He used to teach everything not only chemistry in the same period maths, PHY, bio. And P.K Ghosh sir his jokes were really amazing and his anger was really deadly. And also Sanjay sir who helped us a lot. And the most that I missed is eating lunch during the class and fighting for the pulse chocolate.

I would never believe that the never-ending journey of our school life finally ended. How can I leave the school which gave me such golden memories? Even failing, to stay behind now seemed a golden opportunity for me. When we were caged, we always wanted to break free and now when we are free we have become habituated to the caged life.




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