What does self-independence mean to you? Do boys have all the freedom?

INDEPENDENT ….. What does independence mean for you?….. The definition of independence can be different and anything for anyone. For someone it might be traveling when he/she wants, might be fulfilling parent’s dream, might be shopping as many times as the person wants, might be doing a job, and any more the list is endless.

ISRO Offers Free Online Course on Machine Learning: Know Details, Topics, How to Register

ISRO Offers Free Online Course

ISRO Offers Free Online Course: ISRO is offering a FREE course on ML which can be completed in 5 days. Know More Details, Topics, and How to Register.

Yuva PM Scheme For Mentoring Young Authors: Scholarship Of Rs 3 Lakh, Here’s How To Apply

Yuva PM Scheme Scholarship

PM Mentoring YUVA Scheme: A lot of people are affected by the pandemic one of those is the young generations or ‘THE YUVAS’. Here, comes government with a golden opportunity of scholarship of 3 lakh under PM Mentoring YUVA Scheme. Let’s see steps to apply and how to participate: