Student’s Life During Lockdown – Impact & Opportunities

Starting the day by closing the alarm and running in the rush for lectures, meeting friends, enjoying …these all seem to be a never beginning process since the introduction of pandemic and lockdown. A lot of discussions and controversies included this period like elections, celebrities, … but the one who never came to light was students and their career. Let’s have a discussion on the Student’s Life During Lockdown which is toxic as well as connecting.

Impact of Lockdown on students

Let’s imagine how will it look when everything around you suddenly stops ….weird right? Somewhat we can relate to the life of students whose life, career has suddenly come to a full stop and everyone’s waiting to start a new line. Let’s see the impact of this lockdown pandemic on student’s life.

Impact of Lockdown on students
  • Memories:

We could always observe a smile on the face of a person when he remembers his past school or college days but what about those whose school and college life is going on phones, laptops sitting at home – they could never have had a memory of the best part of life. 

  • Connectivity:  

The worst part comes when some students could not even feel their school or college life on phones and laptops because they have no access to the internet and phones mostly in remote and rural areas.

  • Environment:

Some don’t even have a proper environment at their home to study. Economic conditions can be one of the many reasons. This pandemic also led to unemployment.

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Affect of E-Learning

The days we used to attend the lectures seeing our teacher, the chit chats going around, some are eating at the last benches, some are sleeping, some are enjoying lecture, teachers suddenly checking notes and asking questions, the surprise test, the whole batch bunking lectures, the canteen surrounding …and lot more, these can never be replaced by E-learning. The Student’s life & future are due to this lockdown. Some are mentioned below:

Affect of E-Learning
  • Online classes:

We must appreciate the system that it managed to continue the studies of students even in the pandemic. Moreover, they took reviews to make it even better and comfortable for students but online classes can never be as satisfactory, learning, knowledgeable as compared to offline classes.

We cannot have that eye to eye contact with teachers which actually compel us to study.

  • Exams:

There are no fair exams held anymore which can decide someone’s future. I know it’s a gift for student but not their career.

  • Distraction:

Though phones and the internet are a revolution in technology, but we should not miss the other side of the coin, they are also the biggest distractions.

A student sitting and listening lecture can be even be distracted by a sound of a notification.

  • Teacher’s:

The concentration level is very low as we have a lot of things going around us during online classes whereas offline classes give us a proper environment if not then we have teachers to look after us.

The name called by teacher to stand up and say the answer is always the missing part. Also, the line “Get Out of my class” and the whole class staring the one who is about to leave the lectures is always missed during online lectures.

  • Engineer’s an example:

Let us think about a student pursuing engineering, Engineers are the one who practically analyzes, designs, builds a machine or structure), but we have a question here, will the student be that confident after having online classes without practically performing it …. I guess no!

  • Emotions:

But, I must say this lockdown has led the student to think about their future leading to anxiety, stress & depression.

  • Health:

The ones who are used to sit in front of the blackboard are sitting in front of the screen for long – long hours affecting their eyes. Of course, taking rest is good but everything is better in limits.

However, inspite of having such problems we also have many opportunities in this lockdown .

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Lockdown an opportunity in student’s life 

In mathematics when we are given word problems, it always has a solution. So, if we apply the same in our life every problem has a solution we just need a positive mindset to look into it. If we observe the other side of the pandemic we could see many opportunities lying for us there. Let’s have a short discussion:

Lockdown an opportunity for students
  • Discover yourself:

As we know, problems are major steps in discovering yourself even more. This pandemic has given a great opportunity for students where they can have the time to discover themselves. 

Some are thinking to be a future IAS officer or get into IITs for masters, some looking to start a business and some making firm resolutions inlife.

Don’t miss it, this is the best time we can explore ourselves.

  • Explore:

Many students are inspiring, motivating, and also looking after their mental health by keeping themselves engaged in doing activities like cooking, gardening, taking out new ideas to celebrate occasions digitally, learning new things and skills, exploring the mind at the fingertips, and a lot more. 

  • Time :

In a student life, the most important thing is TIME and a student always have a shortage of it as it’s always been difficult for them to manage academics, external skills, future preparations at one time, so for them, it’s a wonderful opportunity to manage all the things as lockdown has given us ample of time. 

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Solutions to problems:

Whatever may be the problem, you getting depressed is not a solution, instead, you getting depressed is another problem. So, let’s see a glimpse of some solutions:

Solutions to problems
  • Fresh air:

Students already have a lot of things regarding the future to be stressed about so being at home at the same place is even more difficult, open the window or go for a quick walk, this will surely make your mind fresh and welcome positive vibes. 

It feels so amazing just close your eyes and feel the air. Ha Ha!

  • Family:

The best part about lockdown was that it made us so close to our family and eventually we can give them time, so just take a break from laptops, mobile phones, internet and spend some time with your family and with yourself too.

  • Books:

Read books which is the best way to spend time. Everyone has a choice, maybe some like horror stories, motivational books, biographies, etc they can give them time to their hobbies as well.

  • Volunteering:

 Even, we can volunteer various NGO’s and organizations that too digitally now. It will change our mind and thinking.

  • Future :

This golden opportunity would never come back where we can learn various topics which we want to or prepare for future exams, thus there should be proper time management.

  • Pre- actions:

Government should take some measures and further be prepared so that in the future such health conditions could not affect a student’s career.

At last but not least I could conclude by saying problems are always in your life, just give it a proper solution and not just live with it.

The best part of this pandemic is that the problem is not if a single individual but the whole of humankind, so we can fight it together and come up with new great ideas and people in the coming glorious future.

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Thank You 🙂

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