10 High Paying Tech Jobs That Don’t Involve Coding

There are various high paying tech jobs that don’t involve coding in the software industry. Software is not just about coding, in fact, coding is one of the integral parts.

Picking up programming skills is great–but honestly speaking – it’s not for everyone. But if you already work full-time and have other commitments, you might struggle to find the time to learn programming languages well enough to become a software engineer.

However, if this describes you, it doesn’t mean you should rule out the lucrative tech industry altogether. Instead, look into these in-demand non-coding roles that may suit your interests, skills, and schedule a little better, but still pay a lot.

So let’s get started!

1. UI/UX Design

UI/Ux Design - 10 High Paying Tech Jobs That Don't Involve Coding

Now, this is the new kid on the block, UX and UI specialists are basically personnel responsible for developing User Experience and designing the User Interface. They are responsible for defining how a user will interact with an application or website.

These Designers work to ensure that all points of contact – from the opening of a product’s box to the layout of its digital interfaces are easy and enjoyable to use.

Skills required:

  • Imagination and Creativity
  • Visual Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Curiosity
  • Business Skills and Strategic Mindset
  • Empathy

Average Salary: ₹664,691 Per Year

2. SEO

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, Digital Marketing

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. It is a huge part of digital marketing. These specialists collaborate with developers and web designers to ensure best practices are being implemented across a website or web app.

Skills required:

  • Research Minded
  • Analytics Skills
  • Decision making
  • Excel Skills
  • Prioritization
  • Flexibility
  • Writing skills

Average Salary: ₹508,980 Per Year

3. Growth Hacker

Growth Hacker - 10 High Paying Tech Jobs That Don't Involve Coding

A growth hacker is someone who uses creative, low-cost strategies to help businesses get and retain customers. Sometimes growth hackers are also called growth marketers, but they are not simply marketers, thus making it one of the High Paying Tech Jobs That Don’t Involve Coding.

This is also known as a user acquisition specialist, growth hackers fall under the larger umbrella of marketing as well. Commonly employed by startups growth hackers combine marketing, technology and business development with a laser focus on user acquisition.

Skills required:

  • Data Tracking & Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Technical Skills (Excel, Statistics,  Web Scraping,  A/B Testing)
  • Copy-writing
  • Design

Average Salary: ₹649,430 Per Year

4. Product Manager

Product Manager -- 10 High Paying Tech Jobs That Don't Involve Coding

The role of product managers is ever-evolving as a direct result of the rapid development of new technological products. These professionals must be able to perform several duties including overseeing teams of engineers and developers and guiding a product’s development from Start to Finish.

Product managers are in charge of the product strategy for the company. They direct the growth of a product, as well as come up with new product ideas. This is one of the best career options in our list of 10 High Paying Tech Jobs That Don’t Involve Coding

Skills required:

  • Research and Analysis
  • Prioritization Skills
  • Basic Product Management Knowledge
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Strong Communication Skills

Average Salary: ₹110,725 Per Month

5. Project Manager

Project Management, Planning, Business, Management

Project managers are responsible for coordination of a project. The main difference between a product manager and a project manager is that the project has a definite start and end while the product usually does not. The project manager manages all aspects of the project from planning, executing and controlling.

On most IT projects, the project manager works closely with the business analyst and the development teams. Project managers are responsible for initiating, designing, planning, executing, monitoring and completing projects.

Skills required:

  • Leadership
  • Scheduling
  • Risk Management
  • Cost Management
  • Negotiating and Social Skills

Average Salary: ₹102,691 Per Month

6. System Administrator

Server, Cloud, Development, Business, Network

System administrators are vigorously needed by IT firms as they set up servers and get email server work. They also back up files for an entire company and create firewalls to protect a network.

It is of minimal importance to have programming experience but a strong understanding of how to operate a computer from the command line is always required. Students with working experience in Visual Basic are well suited for this job role.

Skills required:

  • Problem-Solving and Administration
  • Networking.
  • Cloud.
  • Automation and Scripting.
  • Security and Monitoring.
  • Account Access Management.

Average Salary: ₹506,751 Per Year

7. Business Analyst

Business Analyst - - 10 High Paying Tech Jobs That Don't Involve Coding

Business analysts play an important role in an organization’s profitability and productivity and must have several skills to be successful in their positions. A business analyst is a professional who assesses the needs of an organization and suggests the resources that will contribute to increased productivity, and efficiency.

Business analysts act as a bridge between developers and customers to translate client requirements into actionable tasks. In short, business analysts are the client-facing side of software development.

Skills required:

  • Competent Verbal Communication
  • Good Listening Skills.
  • Ability to Understand Delegated Objectives.
  • Being able to Run Meetings with Stakeholders.
  • Knowing the Objectives Well.
  • Being Diligent with Time Management.
  • Documenting and Writing Reports.

Average Salary: ₹649,297 Per Year

8. Tech Writer

Tech writer

A Tech Writer works on documentation, tutorials, press releases, help pages, and anything else which supports a product. Tech Writer needs a little bit more tech understanding than other jobs described in this article, but still it requires NO CODING, and you can enjoy the same awesome stock plan, health insurance and yoga classes as any one else in the company.

A typical day is spent in front of a computer typing away in an MS Word document, and occasionally in a messenger to clarify a certain feature from a designer, manager or engineer. This job is a perfect fit if your English flows smoothly, you like learning about tech (but not coding), you like helping users by providing them with an understandable English instead of “Error 50004”, and most importantly you are not annoyed by multiple text reviews, proofreading and typos.

Skills required:

  • Writing Skills
  • Research and Exploration Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Communication Skills
  • Design Skills

Average Salary: ₹ 3,65,141 Per Year

9. Software Quality Testing

Software Testing - 10 High Paying Tech Jobs That Don't Involve Coding

Software Quality Testers (SQT) test the quality of software products before public launch to ensure they are working properly. This field is related to, but separate from Quality assurance (QA). They work with product teams and engineers to develop, arrange, implement and evaluate testing programs.

Skills required:

  • Rational & Logical Thinking
  • Testing Tools & Techniques
  • Analytical Skills
  • Test Planning & Documentation
  • Attention To detail
  • Fast Learning ability
  • Flexibility and Collaboration

Average Salary: ₹387,990 Per Year

10. Tech Support Specialist

Tech Support Specialist

The role of a Technical Support Specialist within an organization is to provide assistance and maintenance to all computer systems and hardware. Their work may include installing, configuring, and updating hardware and software, as well as fixing any issue related to the equipment that may come up on a daily basis.

Skills required:

  • Network design
  • Exceptional vendor relationships.
  • Outstanding knowledge of software maintenance.
  • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Database management.

Average Salary: ₹325,648 Per Year

The technology industry is enormous, and it has room for all different kinds of personalities and skills. So even if you’ve never written a single line of code in your life, don’t assume that tech is not for you. Start experimenting with some of these skills; you never know where it might take you.

Based on what you think suits you, a basic career path has to be chalked out so as not to hinder your professional growth. Whichever profile you choose, work hard on the relevant skills and keep yourself updated. A continuous improvement mindset goes a long way in driving growth.

This was our list of 10 High Paying Tech Jobs That Don’t Involve Coding, Don’t Forget to share this with your friends.

All the very best!


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