AULI – A Glimpse of Heaven That Every Student Must Visit Atleast Once in a Lifetime

It’s May 2021 …Everyone’s eyes are waiting for the morning, where we will see crowds at the tea shop and people running after buses and trains. So after everything is normal and everyone back to their work, working sorely covering the losses ….what should everyone’s plan be ?….. After such a long vacation at home, it must be TRAVELLING off course !! Now after working grievously and also getting bored at home we would be tired from our routine. So, why not say yes to a new adventure? Here is my experience with Auli, Uttarakhand during wintertide. A Place that every student must visit at least once in a lifetime.

We can also visit it in summer as well but its beauty can be felt during winter.



To reach Auli first, we need to go Joshimath from Delhi, Dehradun, Rishikesh, or Haridwar. We have only the roadway and a time of approximately 9-10 hrs. The nearest airport is Dehradun and the nearest railway station is Haridwar.


Coming to Joshimath we can choose roadway or ropeway.

I would advise ropeway as roads may be blocked due to snowfall. 

AULI - A Glimpse of Heaven

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The cable car from Joshimath to Auli covers 3.96 km and 20-30 mins and its tariff was INR 1000.

We adjusted our luggage in less no. of bags so that it could be carried easily.


We were waiting for the cable car ride and Auli off-course. 

As soon as the cable car arrived, everyone just threw themselves at first so that they can get to the window area to feel the moment and yes so we did. 

As the car started wherever my eyes go I could see I was surrounded by the startled look of the Garwal Himalayas which was completely covered by snow and its peak was looking astound by the mixture of the white snow and the sunlight, also the oak trees whose leaves tip were about to drop the melted snow and a white bedsheet containing footsteps was spread all around on the earth.

Seeing such a mesmerizing scene we even got more excited for Auli.

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Finally, we were there at a temperature of 2°C – 3°C, surrounded by snowflakes and it was so chilly and frosty that we were shivering with cold, After wearing several clothes, we reached in evening at Auli.

AULI - Resort

One can also stay at Joshimath where the cost of hotels and resorts is less compared to Auli and can visit Auli by cable car in the early morning and return to Joshimath till evening.


Now I got an effortful task, to reach the blue poppy resort which we have already booked, we had to have our griped shoes on, since it was very hard to walk in the snow with less griped shoes. 

As I walked few steps I fell and it continued throughout the way…. though I know I was a joker at that moment but also happy, because I was not the only one. Now to reach the resort we have one way that is chair lift whose tariff was INR 500. 


The moment we enjoyed on the chair lift was when we were in the mid way.

It gave us a feeling that we are sitting on the chair which is hanging at a place where we have the blue sky above and a white blanket of snow all around, though it was scary but more exciting.

We finally reached our destination. 

AULI - Cable Car

The resort has 24 wooden huts with modern facilities and there I was provided with snow boots which were the need of the time.

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As I entered the resort which was basically in the form of a wooden hut with ice roofings, we kept our bag. After falling down several times, I went to the sink to have a face wash, and as I opened the tap, guess what there’s no water.

I stood and thought for a moment was I in the right place?

However, I managed to make a call to the reception and then I was informed that the water pipes have frozen and at that moment I was like, “How will I survive?”

But then there was a ring on my door and I was provided with a bucket of water at regular intervals. 

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AULI - Resort

The foremost thing which amazed me was the heater and the electric blanket which gave me strength.

Now I was relaxed and as I removed the curtains from the glasses of the window I could see the sun which was about to set between the mountains and its orange – yellowish color made my day. With the nightfall, the temperature was also decreasing, approx (-10)°C.

After some time we had our supper and the food was completely vegetarian. After such an amazing journey and such cold weather with a heater and an electric blanket, we slept early taking the vision of excitement of the next day in our eyes.

This was just a part 1 of my experience that I had, part 2 is on the way, with more excitement and thrill than part1.

Comment your thoughts of any experience you have of visiting any place. 🙂

Thank You.

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