The Gorson Bugyal Trek – Experience & Best Time for Students to Visit

Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful cozy room with a room heater, weather approx  -8°C, a glass window in the room, and a small peak out of the window could let you see a glimpse of nature’s beauty with mountains covered with snow all around ….sun peeping between the mountains giving a beautiful yellow-orange mesmerizing look. Tell me how are you feeling now?….light? ….for a moment perhaps you could have forgotten all your problems. Imagine, if a few seconds of imagination could give a feeling that life is all about living to its fullest then how would it be when you actually visit such a place ?….. Mind-blowing of course! No Questions Asked! So yes, I am talking about AULI- THE GLIMPSE OF HEAVEN and this is the second day we are here to explore it ….more precisely ….THE GORSON BUGYAL TREK.

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The Gorsol Bugyal Trek - Mountains

Day 2


  • Got ready, had our breakfast, quickly wore our leather jackets, snow boots, along with a trekking bag which included some chocolates, medicines, bandages, and we are good to go.
  • Since we were unknown to the place, we hired a guide to get better directions.
The Gorsol Bugyal Trek - Snow


Finally, we began our trek. Those who were facing difficulty in climbing up the mountain can carry a stick since it becomes easier to climb. A quick tip, if due to snow if your way is not visible, just follow in the footsteps of your front person.

The people over there are also quite creative, while walking the way, many have made snowmen to provide right directions for people coming.

While my journey was not that easy, I started climbing but couldn’t even reach one fourth, I was like really tired, but everyone gave me a look, so I started walking again. After climbing half of it, we finally took a break. Hassshhh !!

We also got to see a temple which was deep down under the snow. You can visit it too.

After taking that break we resumed our climbing …it was tough …but in the end, we were finally at the peak.

But here something pleasing happened… before we could reach we were suggested by the guide to hold each other’s hand and close our eyes and open together on his instruction.

We did the same and closed our eyes.

As we reached, he told us to open our eyes and I could not explain its beauty in words …I felt I was in heaven …clouds under my leg and a snow blanket spread all over ..wherever my eyes could go I could only see snow-covered land all around, green trees with leaves covered in snow and since due to the sun, the snow on the leaves was melting – resulting in the falling of crystal-like drops.

The Gorsol Bugyal Trek - Snow

We all sat there together enjoying the beauty.

We felt as if this is life …the work, career, pressure, stress all are temporary.

We got a new beginning of a new life.

After experiencing such a beautiful view, we had to climb down the mountain too. The whole trek was approx. 2 hr but depends on your speed.

The Gorsol Bugyal Trek - Mountains in Snow


As I came down the first thing I realized was that I was hungry.

So there was only one place, kind of a small hut which had chocolates, maggie, sandwiches, tea, coffee some more, so I had lunch there.

The hut was very beautiful, no restaurant in cities can compete with that.

Houses in Snow

After having my lunch, we did some snow adventures.

The first one was, I saw a man pulling a tire from down a hill with a great speed where a person has to sit on the tyre.

So, I tried this and sat on the tyre. The tyre was tied to a long rope..and from the top of a hill on the snow …the tire owner pulls it down. It looked scary but very enjoyable when your ride it.

People walking on snow

We also tried skiing on snow. There were instructors who gave us ski skates, helmets, leg, and hand covers so that even after falling we could not hurt ourselves. Also, they taught us how to ski.

The first two times I skdied for some distance and fell…then I learned somehow after several tries.

The experience was amazing !!

After all the day adventure …it was almost evening and soon the sun was about to set.


For a proper ending, we all sat on the snow and enjoyed the sunset.

As the sun was setting temperature was decreasing, snowfall was also a probability,  during mid-night snowfall was often there.

So, we had our dinner early and then moved to our cottages.

Sun rise

On coming onto the bed when I closed my eyes I could say that today I lived my life and we don’t have to struggle for a proper sleep thinking of the whole day ….I fell asleep as I closed my eyes.

The very next day we woke up …got ready and was about to leave AULI with such amazing moments with us.

If you had such experience like mine for any place, do comment below. I would love to hear about it.

Thank you staying with me till the end, hope so you enjoyed reading my experience at AULI 🙂

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