Important Things To Remember Before Applying For A Job

QPH Academy Presents Workshop
Important Things To Remember,
Before Applying For A Job

On Sunday, July 19
11:30 AM to 1:30 PM
[ Last Date for Registration: 18 July (9:30 PM) ]
Registration Fee: Rs. 80/-

About The Workshop

QuestionPapersHub (QPH) – An Educational Platform, is launching a new workshop, “Important Things To Remember, Before Applying For A Job“.

Many of you have attended workshops like “Grooming”, “CV Building” and others. But all of them are focused on how to re-structure yourself for the interviewer. But from my point of view its always your personality, your attitude and your passion, which will land you a job.

See, just doing the things that are written in a book, of how to behave in front of your interviewer, won’t help you. As it will make things more complex, and ultimately you will be nervous when you enter the interview hall. The biggest secret of cracking an interview is to be yourself, not what was written in a book. But yes, you can take some keep points, mix them with your personality, fill it with the right attitude and boooommm!!!, you will really do good.

In order to help students, of how to be themselves in an interview, how to present yourself with a right attitude, how to bypass this ATS who judges your CV based on some keywords before even reaching a human, important facts and questions which I bet you all be behaving and etc etc. We will be answering and sharing all our knowledge in this workshop with all of you.

What would you gain?

Here are the points and questions that we will cover during the session:

  • Why CV’s are not shortlisted even when you apply to a company?
  • How to bypass the ATS System used by companies, for CV shortlisting?
  • Which is the best format of CV, functional or chronological or hybrid CV?
  • What is the real current scenario of jobs in India?
  • What skills to learn to land a “CORE” job? From where can you learn for free?
  • How to present yourself in front of your interviewer? What should you & shouldn’t do?
  • Should I take a year gap and develop my skills?
  • Ways to apply to a company, rather than applying from a job portal.
  • Should I do Masters in India or Foreign or Look for a Job?
  • Tips to study abroad with less investment. (Why to study in Germany, if money is the issue?)
  • Question & Answers!

We will answer all the above questions and answer questions of yours too. There’s no time limit, if you have questions, we will even extend the session further. So, prepare all your questions and we will answer all of them.

Who can attend the workshop?

Anyone, irrespective of your Field, or your Branch. i.e. BE / BTech / BA / BSc / BCom / 12th 🙂

Workshop Date & Timing

19th July 2020
11.30AM to 1:30PM

Workshop Cost

Rs. 80/- Only.

What happens on clicking the “Register” button?

After clicking the register button, you will be:

  • Redirected to a Form
  • Enter all the details
  • Proceed with the payment
  • After payment you will be redirected to a page, where a WhatsApp Joining link will be provided.
  • Join the group, all further information will be shared via WhatsApp.

Note: After payment, you will receive a payment receipt on your email. Please do not delete the payment receipt, until the workshop ends.

Register By: 23.06.2020 (9:30 PM)

For any queries:

WhatsApp: 8828170298 (Only WhatsApp)
Email: [email protected]

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  1. I’m waiting for this workshop by cm sir. It’s really gonna help during this pandemic situation. Thank You in advance!!!


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