Ultimate Digital Marketing Masterclass – 17 Courses in 1

↪ What You Will Learn? GET to understand the role and importance of digital marketing in the changing business scenario that is moving ahead of times COMPREHEND the holistic impact of Digital marketing Go THROUGH the key elements of a digital marketing strategy UNDERSTAND how to measure the effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign LEARN … Read more

The Complete Nonverbal Communication Course – Body Language

↪ What You Will Learn? Nonverbal Communication Body Language How to use nonverbal communication skills in all aspects of business and life Increase overall confidence Move with poise when speaking and presenting Know exactly what message your nonverbal communication is sending to others at all times Improve your personal brand ↪ Course Content Requirements A … Read more

Mastering Coding Interviews & Competitions

↪ What You Will Learn? ◆ Algorithms◆ Problem-Solving◆ Competitive Programming Preparation◆ Data Structures◆ Coding Interview Preparation ↪ Course Content Requirements Be comfortable programming in a language Know programming basics (ie. strings, arrays, loops, etc.) Description Prepare for and ace your coding interviews and competitions for free! This course will give you problem-solving practice to ensure … Read more

The Complete Photoshop CC Course – Beginner To Intermediate

↪ What You Will Learn? ◆ Download and get the best Photoshop version available◆ See an introduction to the layout and how to navigate Photoshop as a complete beginner◆ Use the most essential and important tools and shortcuts◆ Use layers and layer effects◆ Make animations and create your own GIF◆ Create a new document and … Read more

Full English Course: Beginners Level

↪ What You Will Learn? ◆ Have a deep knowledge of the basic English grammar.◆ Increase your understanding of more complex readings.◆ Expand your vocabulary range.◆ Perfect your listening skills through practing different accents.◆ Improve your speaking to have more fluent conversations.◆ Be well prepared for your English exams. ↪ Course Content Requirements Be well … Read more