Changes To Implement In Your Resume To Land A Job in 2020 

QPH Academy Presents
Workshop On
Changes To Implement In Your Resume To Land A Job in 2020 

On Sunday, September 06
11:30 AM to 1:30 PM
[ Last Date for Registration: 05 September (9:30 PM) ]
Registration Fee: FREE

About The Workshop

QuestionPapersHub (QPH) – An Educational Platform, is organizing a New Free Workshop on, “Changes To Implement In Your Resume To Land A Job in 2020“.

Coronavirus Pandemic has hit Indian Jobs very hard. According to India Times, as many as 41 lakh youths in the country lost jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Well, this is a large number and even when COVID-19 ends, it’s aftereffects will still be there for years.

So, how to get a job in such a situation, where so many companies are at loss and recruitment rate has decreased. Due to increased competition, it is very important to grasp skills which other’s don’t have.

You might have applied for jobs via many online platforms, wherein you have to submit your details and resume online. But, how many of the companies have emailed you back regarding your application? Many don’t even email.

Well, there can be two reasons for this:

  1. You do not land under the ideal candidate category they require
  2. You CV is rejected even before reaching the HR

Yes, you heard it right! Most of the CVs you submit, don’t even reach the HRs. The reason behind this is because of ATS.

ATS is an AI which scans your CV and compares with certain parameters. If your CV doesn’t fulfil those parameters, it is straight forward rejected, no matter how skilled you are.

So here, QPH Academy is conducting a Workshop, which will cover the following topics

  • How you can bypass the ATS?
  • What addition/subtraction you need to do before submitting your CV?
  • What format and how to write your CV?

And many more questions will be answered in this workshop. If you are a candidate looking for a job, then this workshop is for you.

Also, the plus point is that this workshop is FREE!!!!

What would you learn?

  • How to crack ATS?
  • Resume Writing Guidelines – Updated 2020
  • How to impress your interviewer?
  • Current Job Opportunities

The session will be an interactive session, wherein you will be able to interact with him and ask any questions if you have.

Changes To Implement In Your Resume To Land A Job in 2020
Changes To Implement In Your Resume To Land A Job in 2020

Who can attend the workshop?

Anyone, irrespective of your Field, or your Branch, who is looking for a job are welcome for this workshop i.e. B.E / B.Tech / B.A / B.Sc / B.Com / 12th 🙂

Workshop Date & Timing

06th September 2020
11.30 AM to 01:30 PM

Workshop Cost


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