Relief To Lakhs Of Final Year Students – Final year Exams Cancelled: Uddhav Thackeray

Maharashtra Chief Minister, Uddhav Thackeray, on Sunday announced that the final year examinations which were to be conducted in the month of July are cancelled for all Maharashtra State University students. Students will be directly promoted based on their past academic performance.

This announcement relieved the stress of lakhs of students who were concern about their safety if examinations were held. This decision was made in a meeting via video conference held on 30th May, which included Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray along with Education Minister Uday Samant, Chancellor of all state universities Bhagat Singh Koshyari and Vice-Chancellors of all state universities, wherein ways to find a solution for the most pressing issues now, that whether to conduct the final year end-semester exams or not.

Uday Samant, Maharashtra’s Minister of Higher and Technical Education, also wrote a letter to UGC to cancel the final year examinations.

CM’s Statements:

“Present circumstances do not allow for the exam to be conducted immediately, as it will be risky for lakhs of students. I held a meeting with the Vice-Chancellors and came to the conclusion that all final year students of Maharashtra State Universities will be directly promoted on the basis of previous years academic marks. This decision was made, as it is difficult to clarify when the exams will be held due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We never want the future of students to be hanging because of this,” said Uddhav Thackeray in his speech on Sunday.

He also said that “Students who are not satisfied with the marks and want to improve their performance, they can appear for the exams which may be held in between September – November, based on how the current situation evolves”.

Udday Thackeray also commented regarding the new admissions that, “Universities must focus on Online Education. Since due to the massive spread of the virus in cities like Mumbai, Pune and others, all universities are advised to make use of E-Technology.”


  • No Maharashtra State Universities Exams Will Be Conducted.
    • If you are in a 3-year degree course, all first, second and final year exams will not be conducted.
    • Similarly, for 2-year & 4-year degree programme, all first, second, third and fourth year exams are cancelled this year (2020).
  • First & Second Year (and the third year – for the 4-year degree programme) will be directly promoted to next year on 50-50% marking system basis. Wherein,
    • 50% – Internal Evaluation
      • Here, basically your previous year marks will be used for the first 50%.
    • 50% – Performance Based
      • Here, your performance will decide your other 50%. Performance as in, your journal submissions, assignments, and others.
  • The final year will be directly promoted on the basis of previous semester marks.
    • Still, If you are not satisfied, you can appear for the exams in September-November month, dates totally depend upon how the current situation evolves.
  • Also, first & second years (and the third year – for the 4-year degree programme), students who are not satisfied with their marks can give a re-exam in the next semesters.

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