Is An Online MBA Worth It In India?

Online MBA in India is gaining popularity in recent times. With the Covid-19 pandemic, so many things have opened up on the virtual platform for students. Online MBA is a pretty attractive choice because you are getting the same degree from the comfort of your home but is it really worth it in India?

People who want to pursue MBA are confused. Confused if they want an online MBA or an on-campus MBA in India. We are here so you can take an informed decision of what exactly you want to do. This article will list out all the pros and cons and everything that you need to know before you make a decision for yourself.

Is An Online MBA Worth It In India?


Let’s talk about the good things about an online MBA in India first before talking about the flip side of the coin.

  • The top MBA institutes try to make the course as close as possible to the offline experience for the students.
  • Flexibility – Students can do their MBA from the comfort of their home, they can study and watch lectures at their own leisure.
  • Online MBA is usually for a lesser time than an on-campus MBA. Most of these courses are for a period of one year.
Online Learning
Online Learning
  • Colleges make a classroom experience for the learner by providing live and recorded lectures, with the help of chat rooms and forums where they can connect with other students.
  • Online MBA usually have open book tests which are more practical in the current world and fights the old practice of rote learning.
  • Working professionals can continue to work whilst pursuing the MBA so there is no opportunity cost for them.
  • Online MBA is more economical.
  • If students do proper research before joining an online MBA, they might find something affordable and also effective.

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Like every coin has two sides, doing an online MBA in India comes with a big bag of liabilities. It is however up to the student if or not to pursue an online MBA. Here is the flip side to pursuing an online MBA in India.

Discussion in-person
Discussion in-person
  • Students miss out on the on-campus experience. Since a lot in the MBA course involves debating, the environment and building a network for oneself, students lose upon this opportunity in the online mode.
  • They lose the chance to learn face-to-face from the top professors of universities.
  • Students lose out on the career support and guidance that is provided to them on an on-campus MBA.
  • Students lack instant feedback and guidance.
  • Since online mode doesn’t have a strict schedule and the student can work at their leisure, they tend to procrastinate and lose motivation at one point.
Online Learning
Online Learning
  • Most MBA colleges provide alumni contacts to students so they can learn, grow and build their network. This experience is lost in the online mode.
  • Students lose out on the placement cell with tied up companies in the online mode.
  • Since students will be on campus most of the time, they tend to prioritise their studies more than anyone else and is motivated around students with the same mindset.
  • The recruiters don’t see online and offline MBA at the same par. They would always prefer someone with an on-campus MBA over someone with an online MBA.

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After reading all this, we can come to a conclusion that an Online MBA in India has its own sets of pros and cons. So if you are asking “Is an Online MBA worth in India?” then, it is ultimately the student’s decision on what they want and how they will achieve it.

Online MBA is more suitable for working professionals who have about 2-3 years of experience and are doing this degree to gain skills and excel at their workplace. For a fresher, doing an online MBA might not be the right choice as recruiters are not open to the whole online MBA concept in India.

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